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9mos, 1K impressions, only 10 orders!

Does it make sense that I have 1K impressions but only 10 orders in almost 1yr? I signed up in Aug. I why am I not getting a response to my gig? Obviously ppl are searching.

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It totally makes sense. Impression means you show up when they search something, someone might just be curious about gigs as well. Just because someone checked your gig does not mean they want to order. (I casually peep other gigs, what people are doing and such. So I totally relate to them).


that’s sad. It was 1K in the last 30 days, with two orders. It’s good to know that ppl are searching for a dream interpretation but…I would like them to buy. I’m offering it here at a big discounted fee.

1k is not much to be honest… I got 2k impressions in last 7 days

Have you read this thread yet?

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