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A 12 year old will say whatever you want for 5$

I will have an 12 year old say whatever you want for only 5$


Thanks for posting.
You should be aware that the minimum age for a Fiverr account is 13. At 12, you will need to have a parent/guardian operate the account for you or it could be removed/deleted without warning. I suggest that you get your parent/guardian on board with you and have them contact Fiverr Customer Service to explain that they are managing the account.


I was going to comment on this being one of the weirdest gigs I’ve ever seen…then I remembered that I have a “I will play a KEYTAR solo” gig and I’ve lost the stroke to judge.


im 19 and i get my little bro to do it haha

I’d be really careful with that kind of gig. There are a ton of scammers out there that would take advantage of that. Would you really subject your little brother to something like that?

yes, You must PG control, until 13 :slight_smile:

BEST OF LUCK ON FIVERR :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but you and your gig just sound creepy. I think you should think of something non-child related to offer as a service. If you don’t and someone who sees your gig is upset by it, you will likely have it removed by Fiverr and perhaps have your account suspended.

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Look, we both know that’s not true so I’m suggesting that you take my advice from my previous comment.
What will happen if you don’t will be that your account will be removed whether you have sold gigs or not. If you can’t fool me who just took one look at your profile then you are not going to fool those whose job it is to remove people who break the rules.

And when your brother gets 13, then you will change your gig every year? Or you will find another 12 boy?


you win this game :slight_smile: hahah

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Really? You going to get a 12 year old do whatever the internet says for 5$???

Don’t do this man… Just don’t…


Gig is gone (Probably for a year and then it will be slightly edited when it returns)