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A 2nd fee from Payoneer withdraw?

Hello, I have just check one of the latest withdrawal from Fiverr via Payoneer and there is a 2nd fee they charge.

The 1st fee when they receive the money form Fiverr ($3):

And another one when you want to withdraw to your bank account ($4.26):

Anyone have something like this?


same here. during transfer the amount from fiverr its take 3$. very expensive… :frowning:

Its based on your country location., Where are you from?

It’s $1 if you accept to receive it after 2 days instead of within 2 hours.

I’m from Poland and I have never see this fee before.

Do you mean that if I want to withdraw it in 2 hours after it shows that I am allow to do it in my earning tab on Fiver - in that case I will pay $3 fee?

Whenever you withdraw from Fiverr to the Payoneer card, you can choose between a Standard Load (for $1, you receive funds in 2 days) and Immediate Load (for $3, you receive funds in 2 hours).

At least those are the options I get when I receive the confirmation mail.

This is strange, because I have check my previous withdrawals and I have no fee at all. This is one of my previous payouts:

Do you withdraw to your card or to your bank account?

I withdraw to my card.

I don’t know, then. But I do know that there are some differences in fees depending on how you got your Payoneer card (whether you got it through Fiverr, or another platform, or whatever), so that might be it.

OK I will then ask the Payoneer Customer Support. Thanks catwriter

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You’re welcome, and good luck!

They do change their fee structure from time to time, I remember they’ve announced a change before the Wirecard trouble, it was supposed to start in July. I figured it was postponed or that they’ve decided against it while they were working to fix the problem with Wirecard. Maybe that’s what’s going on, but their own CS would surely know better.

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