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A $5 credit from Fiverr. How and where do I redeem it?

Hi, I got a message that Fiverr gave me $5 to spend before December 2. I can’t click on the notice at the top of the page. It also doesn’t show in my cart. How do I access it?

Secondly, I see a message in my notifications, but it’s also unclickable and it’s not in my inbox or email. Very strange. Thanks.

May I recommend one of my gigs? LOL

Seriously, it should be “used” automatically on your next purchase. If it’s not, contact Customer Service.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Do you know if it is still possible to use with the new processing fee? I’m curious because arguments for or against aside, I have heard that people with Fiverr credit (due to promotions or refunds) that falls below 5.50 cannot use that balance but I don’t know for sure. Supposedly since you can’t put money into your Fiverr account and your balance has to include enough to cover 1 gig minimum, you would need 5.50 in credit now to buy or it will just redirect you to other payment methods. I’d love to confirm it or not if you or someone else knows. :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer. But I do know that Fiverr is complicated, especially when they keep changing things and when you’re a newbie like myself. The processing fee is a real disappointment. It’s just never enough for the big boys. And, where the heck is the favorites icon? It seems to have disappeared.

I have a $5 credit from a gig that was not completed. I’ve tried to redeem it towards another gig but couldn’t. I’ve tried clicking the fiverr “help” but that page won’t ever load.Can anyone tell me how to put this towards another gig?