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A 5r Story: Part I of . . . "Until I get too busy at work to do anymore."


Disclaimer: Any actual similarities to real people or place is purely coincidental.

_ Chapter One: Part I_*

A short, short while ago, in a tiny galaxy not so far away, there was a planet called 5R! On this planet lived two groups called “sellers” and “buyers” – there were a few non-conformer called the “buyer/seller” or better known as the “B/Sers.”

Law and Order was enforced by a tiny group of unpaid sheriffs called the “Mod team.”

The town flirt, “BJ” was sort of a ladies man, very learned and smart but he was playing with fire. He brought flowers to all the ladies in town – smiled, teased!

Up until now, he only flirted with the girls on the seller team which was safe as none of them spoke to each other outside the “Ring” where everyone gathered, often to vent or share stories.

He gambled with a buyer. The problem is, Regina spoke with all the girl sellers.

Each of the girls: Meeela, Saddi, Niki, Onlinehelper, thought she was BJ’s one and only!

Not so!

They surrounded him in the “Ring” for an epic battle! Poor BJ in the middle, surrounded by 5 women!

“But, but,” he muttered. “I love you all!”

All the 5Rianns showed up! The Mod team with Laddie on her horse watched while Owen, with his two vicious dogs, pushed the more rowdy crowd back. The third Mod, Annabel, stepped into the ring, grabbed the microphone and cleared her throat, “Ladies and Gentleman, in the middle we have the accused, BJ…“

She was interrupted by the town’s mischievous, workaholic everyone called “numbers guy” as no one could remember his real name. He would insert himself into conversations in the most offbeat – off topic manner! Today was no exception. He grabbed the mic from Annabel and in a very serious tone said, “Today, I am very happy with my life…“

Everyone was silent. As usual, no one had any idea what he was talking about. Everyone laughed at his brazen attempt at, well, no one could tell if he was being funny or serious! The ladies hugged him.

“What about me?” BJ asked, approaching the crowd of women with his arms open.

“No!” they shouted. BJ sadly walked over to the corner of the ring and sat down dejected.

A fellow seller named Karol nudged him from outside the ring with a meme designed by the town’s talented, but a mysterious figure, referred to as “Triple 7.”

To be continued!

** Whiteboard animation is still in work! :slight_smile:


Gina you are truly a wonderfully talented creative writer. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Mae!

I learned that the truly gifted, professional authors and writers are where they are because of the talented editors & proofreaders.

I equate editors to the stunt men and women of Hollywood. They add the action and drama that makes anything worth watching.


I know.
I finished writing my memoir 1.5 years ago. But it’s still gathering dust doing nothing, because I can’t find the right editor in order to then publish it. :confused:






LOL…Great writing, real talent. But where’s the crazy mad genius rebel from Greece in all of this? In the second part? Where’s the boring boring boring Irishman? Where’s the charming rascal from Malta? And what about the mysterious Miss from somewhere in the US? Where are they? (Oh, the boring boring boring Irishman has been covered. Sorry, didn’t see that.)



To be continued. . . :wink:


Gina, I am seriously amazed. This is outstanding.


###Enjoyed reading this juicy teaser, while sipping on a nice cup of chai :tea:.

Oh so scandalous — but I love it! :smiling_imp:

BJ was definitely playing the field like Tom Brady. Funny he was hoping for a :football: touchdown but got himself tackled. :boom::anger_right: :smile:

Then the mysterious numbers guy intercepted and got warm hugs from the (feisty) ladies. Wow, smooth Mr. GQ! I wonder which one will he choose in the end? Saddi, Niki, Meeela, Regina, OnlineHelper. Gosh; the suspense is killing me.

Hooray for Karol & Triple 7 — memes are always a secret weapon. :bomb:

The 5Rianns saved the day. (I want the action figures, funko pops preferred) :wink:


I predict this is going to be a #1 BEST seller. A true 5 star badge awarded by the Townsfolk!

@gina_riley2 Thanks for the laughs & giggles this morning. :sparkling_heart:

Cheers! :tropical_drink:


I am sure the boring Irishman will spice things up with a juicy tax return or irrelevant political statement at some point.


Hahahaha :joy:


Wonderful! I can’t possibly guess where you got your inspiration, but I want to hear more about the horse!


@gina_riley2 You forgot to include the wonderful flea market known as BR - where people stick up advertisements for all sorts of mischievous things! Maybe it will come in version 2?


I want to be very clear that this not my typical writing style. I write then edit at least 5 times before getting it proofread twice in anything I publish.

This was just for fun! I wrote it in 20 mins. My editor tore that thing apart - Thank goodness, it was a mess! :grinning:



You really should offer a writing gig. You have great imagination and writing style! I love your action verbs!!

You’re right, I forgot about BR. I’ll have to catch that in the next one!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Next, mysterious triple 7 and her sisters, Kristal, Ginny and the debonair Andrew come to town.


Thanks, Gina! But my place is behind a microphone! Talking smack creating voiceovers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: