A Android App For Your Blog/Website!


Hello, in my latest gig I will create for you, your very own android app! This is great for branding! And because I am such a nice guy, and I just launched, I will upload your app to the Android Market for free! This offer only lasts for the first 10 People to take part in my gig! I provide a Icon, Screen Shots, One Blog Feed/Website, a Twitter Page, a Facebook Page, and a Youtube Page! :o My app native to android and uses the latest trends in app making, like the sliding menu! Also, unlike other app makers, my app works on 3,800 devices that’s 99.9% of all android devices!

Link to my Gig: http://fiverr.com/johnblack45/create-a-native-android-app-for-your-websiteblog


:L Link is no good use this one: http://fiverr.com/johnblack45/create-a-native-android-app-for-your-websiteblog Ignor this comment I just found out how to edit my already posted posts