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A bad apple seller in the pot

I have had an awful week with a seller *********. I had to get Fiverr involved in the end. He then returned the funds. Now he’s saying I’m an awful buyer and no one else knows what this guy is like.

He put an awful partial website up live on the server. He was rude and abusive when I requested changes. I responded with comments of that is no way to talk with a client. He apologised for the way he spoke so I decided to have another go, It was fine until he put a bright green banner on my server, nothing else expect a bit of writing…I asked him to take it down and send me a print screen copy of what he had done on the pages prior to them going up on the live server. Abuse followed again, so I cancelled. Then he was making comments, so I involved Fiverr support. He kept coming back and demanding I pay and refusing cancellation.
I hope people learn from this, and be careful on what to look for. I have had some really great experiences on fivver. Angela who has completed a couple of logos and business cards and express jobber who did a wonderful article for me. I have been amazed at some of the quality of work and without hesitation gave tips when I remembered, but if left caught up the next time around.
I hope that i don’t get jaded by this experience, but I also know that fiverr has some wonderful sellers also. Keep it up the good guys!

Seems to me he has pissed off a lot of people. I searched for him and got this:

“The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

What did you hire him for? Here’s some advice, when you hire someone you don’t know, give them a small project, $5, $10, no more.

I do get $40 and $50 orders from strangers, but my services are 100% creative, I don’t deal with servers, don’t do coding, I can’t screw anything up, and I’m refund-friendly.

Of course, most sellers get angry when people request changes, to us, it feels like getting slapped in the face. A buyer has to be sensitive, and specific when he demands modifications. He or she should also be realistic, if it’s a change you can do yourself, do it yourself.


oh so he is not good

“Here’s some advice, when you hire someone you don’t know, give them a small project, $5, $10, no more.”

-Smart Tip, A1 advice! @fastcopywriter

I keep wondering why some sellers would refuse to offer a refund when all they have done is unacceptable. fastcopywriter has said it all, always test sellers with small project before you order something big. I also had similar experience on different project few weeks ago, but i got my money from the conning seller.

Most of my first time buyers are happy to pay $100+ orders for special projects because i do guarantee them 100% satisfaction or refund. We can’t satisfy everyone, and there’s no reason to keep the money if you can’t give what the buyer want. As for me, most of the terrible experiences usually involve $5 orders where the buyer refuse to read my gig instructions, or contacted me before placing the order.

“In any garden full of flowers are a few dead ones” You had a bad experience but you had better ones.I am curious how can a seller be like that but yeah.Few dsys on forum and first negative seller.Well…

I’ve been reading, “In Defense of Selfishness,” a wonderful book. Some people are long-term planners, they know that if you screw customers today, you won’t have customers tomorrow. Others focus on instant gratification, like Bernie Madoff, crooks, those who live for the moment and never consider the future. A ponzi scheme has no future, eventually you get caught. Fiverr has a future, but you have to take the blows that come along the way.

I hate refunding orders, hate losing $50, $5, $15, but I hate bad reviews even more, and I hate wasting even more time more than anything. so I would rather cut my loses short rather than prolong the inevitable.

After posting this re: bad apple… I found an amazing guy who did my website for me in wordpress from Fiverr… I have had some excellent experiences and why I keep coming back. Being a start up it is an great idea, with some wonderful people who enjoy the work they do.

I’m dealing with a similar problem right now! How do you get in touch with Fiver to request a refund?

I like this expression, never heard it before! :slight_smile: I am brand new to Fiverr and in the process of setting up my first gigs.

Totally agree with that. I had one mutual cancellation and didn’t even thought about the time I already invested. There was the point where I felt that the buyer and I just don’t match and I offered the cancellation, the buyer got the money back and we are both living happily ever after.

Its better to return somebody’s money than to do awful work and earning few dollars…You can earn money anytime but not respect easily.

@sueforshaw Great to know that you have not lost faith on Fiverr and other sellers… We really appreciate buyers like you… Fiverr really has awesome sellers … iam a buyer and seller both i got my wordpress website done by one of fellow seller and he has done an amazing job… iam very happy with his work…

It’s a good attitude to have. Sadly there are buyers who want lots for nothing but you don’t need to take any more work from them on a later date. I once really under-quoted a job cleaning moss from a roof one hot summer. But I carried it out happily and I still feel glad that I did the right thing instead of giving the customer (a nice lady) the impression that I was trying to cheat her but quoting low and raising the price later.
On a side note: Interesting that you mention Madoff. I’m reading a book called “Without Conscience” where Robert Hare explains that this behavior of instant gratification with no thought for the long-term consequences is actually a big trait of psychopaths. Few ever murder but nearly all manipulate, cheat, destroy lives, and steal for a quick high or quick buck. They are attracted to corporate management, sales, politics, etc.

Fiverr has really great workers. But not all are the same. So bad experience wont be for all time.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Great contribution!

It is not a crime for a buyer to buy a gig worth more than $50 from a seller if they are convinced the seller can deliver, but it is criminal for a seller not to refund for a job they have failed to deliver successfully.

I have had a situation where I refunded a buyer, and a few months later, the same buyer came back and bought gigs worth more than I refunded.

No matter what, customers are always right and there is nothing like quarreling over matter of refund.

For me, 100% refund is a guarantee; after I tried to meet your satisfaction without success, I am always glad to refund.

I’m so sorry for your bad experience!! :frowning:

Good luck next time.