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A bad experience to share

Is there some fraud buyers? I worked for a buyer who ordered 5 articles to rewrite. Before delivery, he wanted to see. I gave him the link. He became excited and said thank you. But after delivery said not oaky and cancel the order.
I became frustrated. How fraud a person may be!

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Hi there,
Sorry to hear that.

But this is the reality. There are scam buyer everywhere…, not just in Fiverr…,
Bad things happens! This is how business world works.
Especially when you are new seller, and offer cheap services…, you will get targeted by bad buyer.

BUT…, once you leveled, and increase your price…, you will meet with professional buyer.
More money - Less Stress.
Be patient and works hard.


sorry for that. be cautious and i recommend you only send the final delivery to the buyer and check if they have previous rating

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Thanks. You are right.

I suggest to take screenshots of your and buyer chat and report him to customer support.

I became so frustrated that I just stop replying anything. Such a fraud!