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A Baner is found suggest me, please

Hello everyone,
I am Poko from Bangladesh a web developer in this marketplace. I have seen a banner in the top of my gig page. I think, Probably you can see this also. My profile link is :

The banner show this.

How can i solve this problem ???

That banner isn’t a problem, at all.
It’s a message from Fiverr, they solved a very nasty bug developed months ago.
So, don’t worry about the banner, it’s actually good news


Don’t mind but, Do you know English?
The banner itself clarifies that its not a problem. It was a problem that is now solved.

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yes Bro , i know English.
I find this banner in my profile , but not my friends profile.
Can i have any option to remove this ??

No option to remove it. I think Fiverr will remove it after some time.

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