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A barrage of very frustrating clients this week

This week has been very trying, from clients that wants to brainstorm to clients that keeps telling me that I am not communicating even after I respond to all their questions within half and hour and tell them all my requirements. One client asked me to write 300 words of content for his BIO but he sent around 4 revision request asking me to narrow it down, in the last request he said I should narrow it down to a phrase. Another client send me a message asking me if I can write his website content and what I need to get the job done, I told him, he accepted my offer and sent the details. A day later he said I am not communicating. I said I have all I need, if I have any questions I will get back to you. He said he wants to talk to me and explain what he wants done, I said you can send me your directions and any additional info right here. He decided he wants to cancel because I am not communicating. CS told me to tell him to send a recording but he has not responded since, so I might have to just cancel.


Regardless, you’re probably the most successful seller in the Articles and Blog Posts section right now, so don’t worry about it. Keep doing whatever you are doing.

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Thank you, its hard work to keep up but I try.


I had that hot streak 2 years back, it’s not going to last forever, so do 2 things…

  1. Focus on the big clients, who will order repeatedly in bulk every month for years to come.
  2. Save and invest 90-95% of what you make, so that your money makes money for you.

Good luck!