A best tip for Beginners


First Earn Clients then Earn money…
when you are a beginner you should first earn clients then earn money.
what do you say about it ?


I’m not sure what you mean but I think you mean this:

I was a seller for two years for $5 for each sale before I started to earn real money on fiverr. I put in the time and effort without earning much at all to build up a good reputation.


yes I am saying same, first give cheap services to earn client then earn money :slight_smile:


I beg to differ. NEVER give “cheap services”. Always deliver high-quality services – even if you offer those services at cheap prices in order to gain traction.


well I am not saying deliver low quality work it’s all about provide high quality work, I am just saying provide high quality work but with low price just in starting but when you gain some worth charge the client according to the requirements ?
is it wrong ?


It was incorrect how you said it:

…but the gist of your suggestion is a valid new seller strategy.


I agree with you misscrystal.


Hi everyone.
how can i improve my Giga?


What is a “Giga”? …


I guess he meant gig not giga


Sorry, Jon it’s gig?