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A better way to sell Gigs


Hello There. I realized that before I was only, or largely concerned with getting people to look at my gigs. But I realized that a large part of it was that I am a new beginner, and I now realize people may have concerns. That is why I am asking you if you have concerns to please comment, or message me with your concerns so that I can relieve you of them. This is my new profile description: “To all my gig viewers who are unsure whether or not they should buy from me yet. I am here to tell you that all of worries and be put safely to rest because I take my gigs very seriously and would never sell anything less than my best work. I know when scrolling through gigs and services you would probably rather buy from someone with a 5 star rating than from a new seller such as myself with no stars. But don’t let that deter you from missing out on my services, which I guarantee you will LOVE once you give it a try. I hope you can see past my 0 star rating, and give me a shot. I promise you.” I hope you enjoy!- Sierra