A big big hole in saller


I see a big hole in saller section
When buyer is ordered normal they accept the custom offer or the saller gig.
But when saller submited the file the buyer select revision because they knew when time is up they can submit a desppute or cancelation but they have the file already… it means thank you for your free service lol… i hope fiverr will step into this problem. Well some buyer like that bit i think in my mind mostly buyers are like that… i called that the forbedin tecnik. Lol

Bad buyer caused me to lose ability to send offers

You shouldn’t generalize this - not most buyers are like that. I’ve had plenty of amazing buyers, buyers who’ve brightened my day, but yes, I’ve also had some buyers over the time who tried to get away with free work. And from those “some” buyers, another some managed to get away. So the percentage is low, very low. No, it’s extremely low if you take into account the amount of buyers on this marketplace. Hence why there is no “most” in this equation.

As for your forbedin tecnik, I’ve seen other forums on the internet with malicious people who talk, discuss and debate many forbedin tecniks to put sellers in a bad light, to destroy their profiles and images, and I was shocked to see those forums, especially when I was one of the targeted ones for their attacks :disappointed_relieved:

But even after seeing those other malicious forum sites who did all those nasty things, I still had only a very-very-very small percentage of buyers who would actually try to harm me, my profile, my gigs and my image. But I dealt with them, they are rather easy to intercept and prevent from harming you if you know how to spot them (because they usually don’t know how to act properly).

So, if you’ve had a buyer who tried to do that, that doesn’t mean most buyers are like that. Not everyone tries to cheat and get away with free work. Most buyers are actually genuine buyers who love spending to get amazing services and products that make them happy.

P.S. and if you propose to become a buyer yourself, or already are one, I strongly suggest forgetting that forbedin tecnik, it won’t work with the good sellers, they are oiled with all safety creams.


No i am a saller
The reasond i opened this topic is to aware those like me “saller” ive incounter this 5 ttime already…
Yes maybe %tage is low but aslong as tthers a 0.0000000.0000.0001% anyone could be a vctim of forbedin tiknik. And the change of a saller to have that earning is 0.0001% once buyer applied a despute or cancelation.


Another victim of the " forbidden technique "