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A Big Bug Found in Fiverr's Gig Creation Module?

I am a seller from Whiteboard and Explainer video category. I keep checking the Category for new sellers and my Gig Rank.

Two days ago I just found a Gig with 300 reviews and creating videos for a very High Price. I was astonished by seeing it as It had never popped up before, as I check this section daily.

When I investigated I found that it was a logo design Gig which has been converted to Explainer Video Creation Gig.

Now my question is how one can be allowed to do this, it is an easy way to betray buyer. I can also create a Logo Animation Gig of 5 USD and when I have more than 500 reviews which I think it is relatively easier to get, when compared to Explainer Video Gigs. And later on, convert it to Explainer Videos Gig. BOOOM! My Gig will be Ranking with Top Explainer Videos Gig forever as they have few hundreds of reviews and mine has more than them. Whereas in reality, I have zero experience in creating Explainer Videos.

I think this should be stopped. As I remember once CS has replied to me that “The Buyer reviews are very important to us and we take it very seriously”.

So Dear Fiverr, This is a clear violation of your policy and it betrays the Buyer who buys such Gigs.

I welcome the comments from the community on this.


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Changing a gig completely and from one [sub]category to a different one after gaining enough reviews is not allowed because it is a manipulation of the system and the reviews in order to trick buyers into thinking they have had that many previous buyers for that gig, when in fact it was for a different gig altogether.

If you have proof with screenshots of before & after for that gig regarding your claim, you should contact Customer Support and tell them your observations.


Fiverr editors do check regularly, When any seller do update their gig. So you don’t have to worry… If you have problem. Complain at fiverr support with your proof.!!

there are people doing this with LOTS of reviews

Fiverr must approve every gig change or update.

You do shed some light on an interesting point but simply keep doing what you do best properly because those manipulating the system will eventually topple and be caught.

I remember Fiverr mentioning somewhere once that it isn’t allowed anymore to do that (I assume not everyone knows this, and most know that in the past it was allowed, hence why many are still doing it…)

Dear @myexplainervid That’s Great Sharing

I agree with Woofy. It’s not allowed and can lead to the removal of the gig. I remember a few month ago, a TRS had his gig removed because he did the exact same thing.
I wouldn’t recommend it.

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I totally agree with you. I think you are referring only to “Category”, right? I think it’s fair to change the subcategory from time to time depending on the suitability and change of the scope of services being offered.