I am selling animations and explainer videos on fiverr!
and today I delivered a video made for BIG COMPANY and the client was too happy with the end product!

Loved working for him :slight_smile:
Thanks Fiverr


Delighted for you, but they may not want it to be known where they get their videos from? :wink:

Client confidentiality is really important when you’re working on Fiverr or for anybody else.


I second this! Never tell anyone who your clients are, sheesh! Be professional.

I have a movie star and a tea company as clients but will take the names of them to my grave.



Ok next time I will keep it in mind


Until and unless you are a PRO. :wink:


Probably best to remove it from your post and describe it in generic terms like @misscrystal uses for her well known clients.


THANKS FOR THE ADVICE i did it :slight_smile:

and again few minutes back someone contacted me for a video and said its confidential script, first i quoted and then i got order and HURRAY a new big company is IN


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May I know what the big company is? Just curious :slight_smile:


You must not have read the comments. No seller should ever tell who their clients are.
I wonder if Pro sellers had to tell that information to fiverr when they applied.


Hahaha you took it serious. I was just kidding :smile:


oh Really ! you were kidding :slight_smile:


thankyou @misscrystal for the help :slight_smile: