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A big ol' bunch of fraggles in a steaming pile of rocks


I’m bordering convinced that Fiverr is out to get me.

From day one I’ve had problems here.

First I found that my outgoing image as advertising in e-mails is NOT mine,

it’s some randomly assigned clip-art the site can do nothing about that “sometimes happens” to gigs (check yours!). That’s cost me any customers from incidental via-email exposure.

My gig subcategories WILL NOT SAVE (also something to check on your gigs for as also happening to a lot of people) meaning I don’t appear in search results that I should. That’s cost me buyers specifically searching for my services.

My direct competition (everyone’s had to deal with this but, ranting spot) who ALWAYS has jobs in queue and ALWAYS is technically featured because they’re the FIRST to come up if you type in my major keywords every time, is on the front page now.

My problem today is a combination of really heavy straws.

With incorrect advertising,

not appearing in optimized search results,

and boosting competition that really don’t need the help,

Fiverr is sending me a pretty strong “You really don’t matter.” message.

On top of that when I’ve posted a gig request marked active that doesn’t appear in the Buyer Requests. Don’t want me as a buyer either? Why do you hate me.

I’ve been shouldering it all, dealing with it, that’s business.

But now my “Social” tab option is missing from the menu - it’s like a message not to participate in the forum. Fortunately the URL is a no-brainer. And I couldn’t keep it all bottled in. Missing a way to get to the community I rely on for the encouragement to even stick around was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I know these are issues that are currently affecting EVERYONE here.

I’m feeling so discouraged and trampled and lost.


I’ve had reports of in-gig messages also not updating and have had to resort to DM’s to discuss gigs because updates weren’t even showing in alerts. I turn my head and there’s a new bug with my account.


Reply to @madmoo: Thank you - so much, it really means worlds to hear it. I’m having such a heartbreak drift, every time I open up the site there’s another bug affecting me, like it’s trying to push me out. I know I shouldn’t take any of it personally, I mean, they’re just technical problems. I’ve just been left with this ‘targeted for exclusion’ feeling. End =(( emo spiel.


Reply to @arnevb: Yeah, and Customer Support is completely overwhelmed with tickets as the problems cause more and more people to become disgruntled about the slightest thing.

I understand there will always be teething problems, but it’s difficult not to take things personally (even though it’s all completely automated and incidental) when everything is so swell for so many but my account saddles just about every bug around.

It could probably be worse. At least my profile picture change saved! Haha!

I’ve emptied my cache trying to update my gig details a few times, just to make sure it’s not my computer playing silly buggers, to no avail. I’m particularly frustrated by it because sellers really rely on that now just to be seen.

I’ll be hanging in here, hoping, although mustering the optimism is a little difficult. I’m sure it’s just a rough patch and we’ll all be smooth sailing in time.

What did you mean by “attacks”? That’s frightening.


Reply to @arnevb:

Chin up, inkpetal. You’re talented, and that’s what matters. I really do think Fiverr is truly a perseverance game, so to speak. Bugs are common when websites change, so no worries. Like arnevb said, many of the changes are benefiting sellers. Gig multiples! pumps fist If you hang in there you’ll see the benefits, despite the growing pains.


Reply to @arnevb: Ah! Was that why is was so slow the other week? I’m betting it’s all targeted automated traffic too and not a single real soul to be found in a hit. Egh, sometimes …the Internet.

Haha! I’ll construct some kind of chin-up-keeping apparatus for Fiverr use. Like a hang-in-there-kitty poster.


Reply to @edwriter: Thank you for the encouragement, sincerely.

Your main gig is really interesting, an outstanding service I’ll definitely remember. Are young children’s stories (picture books) something you are interested in authoring?


Reply to @arnevb: Or is it… Purrrrfect. I WENT THERE. :-))

That is actually a really great tip. I will do that! <3


Reply to @inkpetal:

feels bashful

Right now, I’ve mostly written fantasy, horror and science-fiction with a little erotica before I made a separate gig for it. I’m not a big fan of children’s novels(esp. pre-k age etc.), but I’d make an exception depending on the project (love anything with magical realism, dystopian or hard sci-fi) or for a fellow fiverr-er like you, of course!


Reply to @edwriter:

Aww, it would specifically be for the under 6 bracket.

The art form of condensing the vision of a narrative and a strong message that still connects with children and their parents into under 200 words just confounds me. Illustration I can handle, concepts - check, story I’m fine with, but keeping all that in tact? Negatory. Haha!

“magical realism, dystopian or hard sci-fi” though, after my own heart. I’ll keep you in mind!


@inkpetal Hang in there, and I am sure that with your level of talent, you will “find the light” in the whole Fiverr experience.

You mean you once had a social button? I haven’t seen that! All I have is a Forum button at the bottom of the page. I noticed an extra button once in the menu bar right on top, but never thought to check out where that rabbit-hole led to.

Those are very interesting Gigs you offer, by the way, and a very artistic and beautiful style. Continued success, and all the best to you! When I’ll be ready to get some ink done, and have a clearer idea of what I want, I’ll be sure to remember your gig.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: :"> That’s all so sweet.

Yes, that was the one!

Thank you so much for the kind comments, I’ll be very happy to design for you if you’re ever in need of something :).


Reply to @inkpetal: Ohhh wow! I love your gigs! If you don’t mind me veering off topic for a moment, I have several tattoos and I want to get one that represents my three children. I just don’t want it to be cookie cutter, obvious or cheesy. I’m looking for something maybe a little edgy, that represents my babies but not obviously. To most it would just look like a cool tattoo, I want to explain what it represents. Basically something better than their hand or footprints on my shoulder lol. Anyway, my real question is of you would take a job where I purchased a gig for just your ideas and then purchased more gigs for the design. I have never bought a gig so this would be my first if you could. I really love your style!!


Reply to @missashley8705: Thank you! Very doable, but I’ll take this to DM with you.


@inkpetal same here with the delayed message.

for me it happens on the direct message.


Reply to @inkpetal: Great! I’ll let you know shortly.


Thank goodness! Reviewed my extras and categories and they’ve finally saved! I hope this means that bug is over for everyone.



The community link is back up top! :D/


The way I look at it, without Fiverr where would we all be~


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Definitely no argument there!