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A big Order on Fiverr as a custom offer. Need a advice from experienced sellers

I just have done few orders on fiverr. Yesterday I recieved a message from a buyer on fiverr. He ask me to design a Porker Card Pack. Not a Simple card pack. He asked me about the price. I said that I want as least 20$ for one card because I will have to design one by one. I need few days to finish such a thing. He told me that he can give me 1000$ for it. I have done such a things before. This is my frist time on fiverr. He agreed to pay it as few custom offers.

My higherst selling gig is 25$ on here. One time I had to cancel 15$ order after the delivery. Have you do such a big orders on fiverr. I thought this is a cheap marcket. Other thing is If he know me before he can give me the order from my other freelancer site. Because I am a premium seller on that site and the site take 8% from our oders. I don’t have such a good position here.

Can I believe him? Can Fiverr garantee about my money? If I told him to come my other freelancer profile on other freelancer site, would it be a problem to my fiverr future?

I hope, you will reply,

Thank you,


For the most part you should not be directing anyone off site to work with you is against Terms Of Service. I know 20% sounds big, but it’s in place for a reason. This is where the buyer found you…he didn’t find you on that other site where they take only 8%. nonetheless Fiverr does not have many protective measures in place for Sellers. A buyer can dispute orders via paypal and be refunded instantly. Usually this is something a scam artist does though. If someone says they want to pay you that amount, go for it, they must really value your work and know it’s true value. If his bank account can process the order, i would assume he is for real and not trying to scam you, otherwise he would just place the $20 order like you asked for and do a chargeback… You only have 2 reviews though so he may just be joking with you, if he accepts the custom offer let us know. I’d love to see a screenshot of the correspondence between you two.

Reply to @michelonline: You are lucky the order ended up small and canceled. You’ve been playing with fire on Fiverr already. The buyer does sound fake and not alone as a fake.

You’ve been cautioned about faking your country designation and claiming to have 45 years experience even when you used to list your age as 51. You’ve been reminded about thr Fiverr ToS as well. Now you show up with an odd order and ask bluntly about breaking the ToS by having someone pay you off-Fiverr.

I suggest once more that you do lots of reading on the entire site, especially topics for help, rules, tips, etc.

Reply to @customrapsongs:

I contacted him again. I asked 20$ for Sample Card Design. He agreed with it and he cancelled the 20$ custom offer. I asked him why. He haven’t replied yet.

As I think, he is just a fake buyer or a fool buyer.

Thank you.

Reply to @silberma1976:
I sent him 20$ offer according to your advice. He cancelled it.

He should be a fake buyer.

Reply to @fonthaunt: my sentiment exactly. This user is on here with senseless discussions.