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A bit confused about the completion rating


So I managed to keep my TRS badge after St.Levels Day which was great, and I am
hoping to keep it that way…well, forever I guess??

After St.Levels Day I delivered one gig, I just delivered another one a few minutes ago.
The thing is, at St.Levels Day I am pretty darn sure that my order completion rate was at 92%. This morning I look at it and it’s down to 91% for some reason.
Since I just delivered my latest gig just a while ago AND I will delivering another one in the next few days that should bump up the rating a bit, but am I missing something??
Why did it go down, and how the heck do you calculate the completion rating?
Or maybe it’s just a bug.


Maybe a bug. I canceled an order and my completion rate went down to 96%. On my phone app, it shows 97% but it is still 96% on my computer. Weird . . . :thinking:


I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. I cancelled an order and my completion rate dropped to 88%, then rose back to 93% without me doing anything. Weird indeed…


Moved to “Report a Bug” for staff to see. :nerd_face:

I also think it’s a bug. I didn’t have any cancellations for 30 days and my completion rate has been sitting at 98% despite me delivering orders almost daily.

Great question! Ditto!?!


I guess we need to call Fiverr Town’s exterminator…




OK, I’m OK with ladybugs. Ladybugs are nice. They can stay.
Scorpions…well, I’m a Scorpio…so I think I’ll be…no I won’t.
The rest, no thank you!!