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A bit demotivated with Fiverr


I joined Fiverr a couple weeks ago and made some gigs. This is my first time here and despite my constant effort, I seem to get no sales whatsoever. I became a bit depressed and stopped visiting Fiverr. Today, I restarted my Fiverr adventure hoping to get sales but haven’t got any so far. I am not complaining, it’s just that I am bit demotivated because it seems that only the people with a good profile and featured gigs are getting the most sales. Getting a single sale will fuel my motivation.

Anyway, this is also my first introduction thread here. I couldn’t find a better place to post this thread, so if I made it in the wrong section, I request a staff to move it to the proper section. Thank you.


I started just like you in October 2013. I jumped into what I thought was a saturated environment. I have never been featured and some of my highest dollar months were at level 2.

Study what is already selling using your skill set.

Offer what others are selling for a fraction of the price.

Get a real person you know to buy your gig and review your work. It is difficult for your gig to start with no reviews.

Be willing to offer a $5 gig that take you 30-90 minutes to do. This will pay off later after you get the gig going.

Make sure the gig you start is scale-able. Make sure down the road it is something that leads most of your orders to be $15-$50.00. You won’t make it at first, but this will give you room to grow.

Let me know if I can help further.


I think there are a few reasons that you may not be getting sales…

For one thing remove this from your profile “…earn few bucks at the same time.” This sounds so unprofessional. Even if you are doing this on the side of somethign to earn a few extra bucks, you should never say that. YOu always have to sound professional and gain trust.

Also, I am not sure this kind of gig will work. YOu are asking people to install software and then how will you be helping them? Do you need access to their system? No way most people are not going to let you into their system. Would you let a stranger access your computer and would you install some software that some anon stranger told you do download? Too many scams going on.

Another thing is one of your gigs is you are offering to complete a college assignment for students? Helping people to cheat usually does not go over so well.

I would suggest if you are an IT person, that one you write a slightly better profile and talk more about your training and real experience, make it much more professional sounding. Then look at other top rated sellers to see what they offer, how they write up their gigs, what kind of photos and videos they use, and see what kind of gig offers you can come up with.


I’ll give you a few things to work on to improve your gigs for better results.

  1. Add a video. If not all, at least the gig you would like to perform the MOST.

  2. Add to your profile. Use all of your characters. It helps in search and you only have one chance to make a first impression, especially when they are going to spend their money on you.

  3. Add to your Gig Descriptions. Same as #2, Use all of your characters and the features in the text editor. It will help your search results and also adds more flare to your gig giving it some visual appeal instead of looking so generic.

    You can’t just slap up you gigs and expect to get sales funneling in immediately. Check out the Fiverr Academy as well, it has a ton of useful tips/strategies.

    Good luck!

    DTong (TRS)