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A Bit Late - But How Was Your November? Usual End of Month Survey


Sorry, I forgot to ask this question earlier, was busy with work.

My November was well above average, very happy with November and with 2017 in particular. Have had 4 solid years on Fiverr, can easily buy a decent apartment in Bangalore with what I have made, not that I need to. Anyway! Thanks Fiverr, and thanks to my wonderful clients, no matter what happens in the future - the uncertainty over Jan 15, etc. - I will be grateful!


My November, after getting off to a slow start, ended with a bang. I am quite pleased! It was as good as my first four months before the Big Change. :+1:
:fireworks: :sunny::balloon::boom: I am staying quite busy lately with almost the same number of monthly sales I had in the first four months of the year.


I am a newbie! :baby: but November has been my best month so far too. Today I actually got two orders in one day! A first for me.

@writer99025 a :kissing_heart: for my boy! Luv your Fiverr Mum :older_woman:

And if @misscrystal is jealous here is a hug for her. :hugs:


November was my most profitable month since I started on Fiverr. Which is great, because my October sales were awful.


But really, the value of Fiverr for me has been more about people than about money. My clients are wonderful people, especially those who have been with me for years. Also, the forum has become like a family where I can look for support and advice and have people hear me out patiently when I feel like ranting or lamenting about my life. LOL. So I will always be grateful to Fiverr. Looking forward to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and wish the same to everyone well in advance!


Yes mine too. You’re right, good point. It’s about the people you get to work with and chat with.


Not a great month personally and professionally both way …Just Crossing fingers to achieve my own good luck.


I’d say it was average, but I did hit my monthly goal so no complains!!
I’m very happy and grateful, as always!


Well i joined in November and i didn’t get a single order… I have made 6 sales… All from buyers request… Im looking forward to a better year… God bless fiverr


Well November was my worst month on Fiverr in my whole career here… But, I can say that I didn’t put any effort in getting orders as I was very bussy with writing my diploma and preparing for presentation. :slight_smile: Hope sales will kick off in next months. :slight_smile:


November was good Alhamdullah, October was a bit better and I’m optimistic about December.


That’s really fantastic u bought an apartment …congratulations !! :star_struck::star_struck:

I am a new seller …plz pray for me !!

Sadia Islam


Worst month, I agree


Congrats for your new apartment mate and glad to know youve earned this via Fiverr. Wish you a very successful year ahead as well. I bought a brand new car this year, thanks to Fiverr :wink: its been a great platform. However November has been a very very dry month, I have no idea what happened but its has been a nightmare lol. Lets see what Dec has to offer :wink:

Happy Sales!


was best month ever in last 3 years! and I am sure, December going to be better thn November!