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A bit overwhelmed.. where to start for a new startup, logo, tagline, copy, company name?

Real Estate Brokerage startup in Atlanta looking for advice on where to start. Logo, tagline, copy, company name = overwhelming. We have the concept nailed and our services pretty much ironed out, but what first? What is the best way for this to come together and evolve into a cohesive brand?

Hi! I think the best way for you to evolve yourself into a brand is to sit down and write down a plan. You jot down everything you think which might come in handy to receive brand recognition. If you need help I think you can find many business planners on FIverr itself whom you can hire to make things work faster.

Once you have a plan and a marketing strategy you must then act accordingly. Study big brands. Identify how they’ve started, where they’ve gone wrong and make your strategy accordingly. A good brand needs a firm base so I think marketing is key.

But before you start marketing yourself you have to identify and analyze the market. Use Facebook groups for this. You can add real estate agents and agencies you know or invite new once to join your group. Do your research! Ask questions around.

Then move towards getting a logo, tagline, catchy company name, flyer designs, etc. done. There are plenty of sellers on Fiverr offering quality services for the stuff I mentioned above. Once that is complete you can go invade the digital space. I can help you with that. I have the necessary skills you need to establish your social media presence on giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Feel free to take a look at my gigs and don’t be afraid to drop a message to my inbox anytime. I’ll be more than happy to help you out in anything :slight_smile:

Good luck and have a lovely day

I would consider hiring a marketing and advertising agency local to you that can fully help you develop your branding and design strategy including all the elements you spoke of.

Sure you can find different people her eon Fiverr to do various design pieces of it, but if the overall business process is overwhelming I would think it might be helpful to sit down in person for a meeting with a good marketing consultant to help you come up with the name and wording to work with your target market then you can source out the creative here if you are wanting to use Fiverr. But keep in mind it’s going to cost a bit more than just $5.

It all depends on your budget. If you want to spend less than a Thousand dollars I recommend using fiverr to fulfill your branding wishes.

However if you want to start professionally, a local marketing agency would be best.

If you do have the extra time to contribute to your business you can easily launch a successful business using

For example:

BRANDING: Custom logo, Business cards, Flyers, Promotional products.

DIGITAL: Website, Marketing, Social Media, Advertising.

ADVICE: Marketing sessions, Business plans & Ideas.

If you simply search all these keywords on Fiverr you will be able to find quality sellers that can seriously complete your branding identity.

You can message me and I can provide you with some expert advice anytime…

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