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A bit strange gig video review

I created a Whiteboard video for my gig and uploaded it.

Later I got this reply email.

Dear agwakash,
Thanks for uploading a video for your Gig ‘create customer database from yellowpages’. Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review due to the following:
It appears this video is not your original work; it seems to have been taken from another site/user or may be infringing on third party copyrights.
We invite you to fix these issues and upload your video again for review.
The Fiverr Team

And I have no idea what they mean by I have taken this video from another user. I do have whiteboard video gigs in my account as well. And also if someone doesn’t make video themselves can’t they buy a video gig from someone else and use on their gigs as video.

What it means my it’s not my original work.

I think it may be to do with the word YellowPages possibly?

The gig itself has that word and is approved. They only denied the video.

And video is simple whiteboard video that writes texts that I will extract data organise it and provide you clean csv and that marketing stuffs.
Not sure what’s wrong.

I will eventually remove the video and keep the gig with just images.

Could also be it just hasn’t been denied yet.

There are an awful lot of gigs being removed for third party violations at the minute - email list collection, anything mentioning the Ama word etc.

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A court ruled that anyone can use the term “yellow pages” btw.

Creating a customer database from yellow pages is not allowed since it involves spamming them, as they are not really customers who agreed to give their names to receive promotional materials.

I don’t know if this was the problem or not but it’s not allowed to gather up a list of names and sell them since this promotes spamming.

It sounds as if they think the video itself is a copyright violation.

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It could be. Though some say that data itself isn’t copyrightable (and facts aren’t). That’s is the presentation of it that’s copyrightable. If you entered the data and presented it in an export file totally differently than originally, perhaps it wouldn’t be against copyright law. But if you needed to scan the book or scrape the website, without permission, perhaps that would be against copyright law (because you’d be copying the presentation even if you intended to output it in a totally different format)?

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