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A Blank Manage Sales Page?

When I attempt to view my manage sales page, my list of sales and orders does not load. I am, instead, left with a blank manage sales page. In other words, I cannot access my list of sales – the list itself does not load.

Page refresh efforts fail to produce the usual list.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

EDIT: Thankfully, I can still access my orders via my dashboard. Still, my orders, past orders, new orders, etc, SHOULD be showing up on my Manage Sales pages… yet those order lists fail to load.

EDIT: The glitch / load error appears to have been corrected.

I’m now getting the same problem - just delivered a gig, then went to look at what other work needs doing and the dashboard is blank! :confused:

Same problem here.


Yep. My dashboard doesn’t load either. Now, neither my dashboard nor my Manage Sales pages load. There is presently no way to see my orders.

Same problem here. I can’t access any dynamic content on Fiverr - the only thing that works is the menu interface, but nothing loads.

I really hope we don’t lose our work! :frowning:


For a short while, all my Fiverr pages were blank. Now they all load much faster. Perhaps Fiverr staff is changing and improving something?

Yeah, I’m back in the game ! Phew! Aaaaannnnnd…relax. :wink:

i am facing the same issue.