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A bribe to remove feedback!

I have had some great experiences on Fiverr.

Call me lucky but each order up until the last one has been made above expectations.

I make a point of reading feedback from previous buyers when choosing my seller and also their ratings.

So it is with great disappointment that I put an order in for Youtube subscribers, and based on the advert, rating, and the buyers outstanding feedback,I placed an order.

I now suspect the seller is using a bot to generate subscribers as they came in chunks of 40/45 over a few hours, then the process was repeated each day, and every account is Russian and not one has posted a video. However, there are plenty that have subscribed to the same Youtube users, so that is more than a coincidence.

The order fell short of quantity bought when I received the message saying order complete.

I left negative feedback stating shortfall in order plus suspect Bot user and reason why I suspect them to be fake ( I leave other buyers to decide for themselves).

All the feedback this person had up until I left feedback was outstanding.

I have just received a message from the seller.



Subscribers are updating to full 1300 as promised.You can check again and see that subscribers still increasing.

And the second : All are 100% safe as promised .And random from worldwide .I also can’t control where they from.

CAn you please help me to remove the feedback.And i will give about 100-150 more for a total 1400-1500 subscribers for you .

As i said and guaranteed.All 100% safe :slight_smile:

Wait for your help.

Thanks :slight_smile:


What is the point of feedback and ratings when a seller can bribe a buyer to change it to something that they didn’t experience? My feedback is my chance to inform other buyers of my experience. If buyers choose to ignore me that is for them to deal with. I will never be bribed to change feedback. The person has several sites on Fiverr, so i guess they will continue this practice of bribing buyers.

This gives the site a bad name and no doubt had I been a first time buyer I would not be back again.

I know this site is better than that one person so,I will continue to use Fiverr, but will be more careful about what I buy and where I buy it from.

You say you “want to show that the entire fiverr community is bad.” Is that what you meant? Just curious.


If you make a complaint to your bank and they offer you a gesture of goodwill, is that also a bribe?

If you leave a one star trustpilot review for a company and they offer you remediation, is that also a bribe?

I call it customer care.

I’m not sure I’d call this a bribe. If a customer comes back to me and tells me that the work delivered isn’t quite what they were expecting or isn’t right for them, I’ll do my best to re-do the work or get it right because I’d rather have good feedback (worst case scenario, give them a refund.) So you didn’t get what you expected - complained about it - and now they are trying to do something about the negative feedback to invalidate it. Seems alright, no?

I strongly agree with @mrproofreading , the seller offered you a solution to provide better value and experience for the rating.

Can a church buy believers? Ofc is a bot and even if it wasn’t, you are doing a black-hat technique. So both of you are cheating the system in some way.

p.s fyi they are using Like for Like services where they use fake accounts to earn points.

you do know that buying youtube subscribers is against the policy of Youtube, right?

But I agree with others, this is not a bribe. A bribe is when they try to get you to do something or else. But there is no “or else” in this case.

I have had a few times where I have complained to a business about something, then they offer something to me and apologize and sometimes I actually like the company better because a good company handles problems successfully in order to keep their clients.

Is this not called customer service? As @kreativa surmised, you didn’t like what you received, so he is offering to improve your experience. Are you upset because you just really want to stick it to him? If despite his attempts to make it right, you still don’t like the service, then don’t change your review. Or as @silberma1976 suggested, leave three stars and a mixed review (i.e. “seller tried to address my concerns, but I still believe the subscribers are bots and not real people…”). That would be more fair than trying to blackball the guy just to be a “savior” to the community…

You were not bribed, you were probably offered a refund to remove the negative rating, that is not a bribe. A bribe would be to offer you money in exchange of a positive review. Refunding an order isn’t a bribe, it’s a gesture of goodwill towards the buyer, it actually shows integrity.

WAIT! So let me get this straight, There is an actual way to get 1300 REAL subscribers of people who actually care about the content I upload on my youtube page?? I thought all these were scams. the subscribers are suppose to be random bot pages just to increase the subscriber number… Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. Cause if not I want a million subscribers right now!