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A Brit's first day on Fiverr! Come say Hi!


Hi All

I am completely new to Fiverr and just wanted to say Hey!
I am British and currently based in the Middle East and specialise in two separate areas.
One is HR support for small businesses and individuals, and another is career development and coaching.
To help me get my Fiverr career started I am offering incredible deals and almost giving my services away. I would be delighted to help any of you and really keen to get my first gig on here!
I have about 10 years experience of HR from across three continents working upto Director level and have about 15 years experience of career coaching and CV writing. Really keen to help people!
Best wishes


Richard welcome! All the best


Thank you very much! My first message! :slight_smile:


Hiya Richard, Welcome! :sun_with_face:

One of our seasoned forum regular is from the UK… The amazing @offlinehelpers, you’ll run into her on the forum. :sunglasses:

Take a look around, and join the discussions.


Great, I will do, thank you


Afternoon Richard! Welcome to Fiverr!

@nikavoice - thank you for the well over the top introduction BTW! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of information here and entertainment too! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.


Welcome Richard!
And best of luck for your future projects here. :slight_smile:
Abdul Mateen


Thank you very much Abdul


Warm welcome to Fiverr, one of the biggest marketplaces. Best of luck of you here. Move on.