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A bug auto-suspended my Fiverr account. I am a BIG spender and did nothing wrong

Fiverr admins – I tried creating a ticket but the system did not let me. So I am posting this here.

My Fiverr account account, james3572, got suspended. I have been using that account for over 3 years and have never committed any fraud.

The account got suspended because I placed about 5 orders using different credit card numbers for each order. Those were not stolen cards – they were mine. I did that because I have a handful of visa gift cards with small amounts of money on each one ($5 to $20) that I wished to utilize.

  1. I was not ordering my own gigs. I was ordering another seller’s gigs. Why was I doing that? Because I actually needed to buy a service from that seller!

  2. I have worked with that very same for several months and have ordered over $2000 worth of orders of his gigs.

  3. I was not boosting his gigs. Out of the 50+ orders I have placed for him, I have left him maybe one piece of feedback.

  4. I am not primarily a Fiverr seller. I am mostly a Fiverr buyer.

  5. I was not restricted by a human. Because a human would see I did nothing wrong. I was restricted automatically – by a BUG!!!

I have used that account many years. I have spent over $20,000 with that account. I have personally made your company $4000 in fees. And i plan on spending more. Perhaps, in years to come, I will spend $100,000 or even a million! In other words, I am a BIG spender, a whale. One of the people that makes your whole business possible. I understand the system may flag suspicious activity. But I hope that a human will see I did nothing wrong. AND your system won’t even let me, a loyal big spender, create a ticket! Where are you mods???

Nobody in the forum can help you. You have to contact customer support. If you are unable to open a ticket via website maybe try reaching out via twitter or facebook. Best of luck!

@tempaccount Can You Give me Your Ticket Number i will try to Get REsponse For You Soon. You will get Response Soon … 100% .

Moderator Note: Please do not imply that you are with Fiverr support, or ask for peoples ticket numbers.

I actually managed to open 2 tickets for the 2 issues. One issue being the account, the other being the credit card processing issue. Ticket IDs: