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A bug in Gig Performance?

Hi guys, welcome to this post, today I want to tell you about a possible bug that I have encountered a problem that I don’t know if it is a connection or browser problem or a bug.
Then the problem is on the execution of the gig which for the uninitiated is a section in which there are graphs showing the performance of the gig by impressions, clicks, orders, etc…
Today I wanted to make a statistic on the progress of my gigs to see how they have gone in the last few weeks, in practice you select the graph on the impressions, then I wanted to see the trend of the clicks I go to switch from impressions to clicks but the graph remains unchanged, the same goes for whatever you choose.
Have you already encountered this problem?


Instead of “concerts” the correct word to use in this context is “gigs”.

There seems to be a problem with showing gig clicks. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


The post having written on the mobile phone there are small grammatical problems using a non-English keyboard.

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Thank you for helping me, because I was convinced it was a problem with my connection or a compatibility problem with the browser

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