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A buyer accidentally accepted a custom order when I gave him two choices

I gave two custom offers with different quotes to my buyer but he accidentally accepted both.
The 35$ offer is now awaiting requirements to ve fulfilled by buyer.
The 50$ offer has been delivered.
If the buyer cancels the 35$ offer, will my ratings or anything be affected?

I think,
That will reduce your order complete ratings only bro

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What should I do now?

You can’t do anything bro. That is in the Fiverr algorithm. We can’t change it.

As long as the buyer doesn’t submit the requirements, the order won’t start. So you have a chance here.

If after seven days the order is still awaiting for requirements to be fulfilled, just contact CS and politely ask them to cancel that specific order, since the buyer didn’t attach what was required for the order to start. This cancellation won’t affect your completion rate.

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