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A buyer ask for refunds after about one month!


Hello, i need your helps guys i am a little bit confused here O.o

I recived a message from a buyer that i have worked with about one month ago, in his/her message he/she asked me to refund him/her $5 from a previous order that i have completed about 1 month ago, he/she told me also that he/she don’t want to file a dispute with Fiverr… So when i went to the order page and check out the Resolution Center this message appears “This order appears to be completed. Are you sure there’s a problem? Revenues for this order are available for withdrawal.”.

My question now is how can i refund him/her the $5, is there any way to do so ?? If not how can i defend myself if the buyer fil a disput with fiverr ?!!




Contact fiverr support and make them aware of your situation. Only they can help.


Reply to @logoworld07: This is the first thing i will do… Thank you :slight_smile:


He/she should fill a dispute in his/her paypal


I think that refunds are only possible for 13 days after the order was marked as complete.


Fiverr innovated you want to cancel an order, please contact support

this morning I met with a case like you

a swindler !!! X(


Reply to @albanokofsha: Thank you for the answer but i think it is a fiverr issue…


Reply to @huynhkhoe: The horrible thing in my case that this buyer come back after about 1 month after 8-| 8-| 8-|


Reply to @catwriter: Thank you for the information :slight_smile:


What gig are they asking for a refund on? My guess is their design didn’t magically increase their sales and they’re trying to blame you. Did you ask them why they want a refund?

Can’t be a very honest person, I mean really who comes back after a month asking for a refund of $5? Scammers.

I’m pretty sure you’re safe and since it’s been so long Fiverr can’t do anything to you so I wouldn’t worry. As long as they received the design and were happy with it then. You can’t get the design back from them, after all.


Reply to @ahessane87: i know but that way fiverr will allow him/her to take money back


Well so much for that


Reply to @albanokofsha: That will also take the money away from the seller. So, if he has already withdrawn it, his account will be -$4.

It’s also against the ToS to open a dispute with PayPal, so the buyer will get their account banned. :slight_smile:


Reply to @omniversal: That one is a different case, the one where the buyer most likely initiated a PayPal chargeback (which is against Fiverr’s ToS, and which gets the buyer’s account banned).


Reply to @omniversal: that is what I was wondering, what kind of gig was it. Certain gigs do prove themselves over time, at least that is how some buyers see it.


let him contact with support… i think he knows his situation. he will not contact me fiverr.


Thank you guys :slight_smile: i have submitted a request to fiverr support about this situation and i am waitign the response…


The buyer has no ground to stand on. If the order is complete (and especially since the funds have already cleared)… the deal is closed. Ignore and block him! What a jerk!


i know it is not fair but i think it is good for you to process a refund as you know its better than a bad review.



Yeah that person filed a dispute with PayPal, and while it hasn’t happened here yet that doesn’t mean this one isn’t vulnerable. They may just be trying the easy way first.

I mean either they are one of these scammers, or the design they received didn’t suddenly sky rocket their sales and now they’re blaming this guy, rather than accepting the fact that whatever they got isn’t going to magically make them rich.