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A buyer asked for a refund, his claims seems unfair

I have (had) a regular buyer, I worked on several projects with him researching topics (with cites and references). My gig is commercial research, we split the last proyect into several orders (3 orders). He asked for revisions in the first 2 orders (I gave him more than requested in order to keep him happy). After the last order was delivered, he ceased to comunicate. More than a weak later, I write him in order to check if he needed anything else. He said he was unhappy with the work, that he had used Turnintin and the text had a 19% similarity (literally the day before I write him), so he had to re-write some of the text in order to deliver his “thesis”., so, he wanted a refund. I asked him for the Turnintin report, and he said he couldn’t share it because the text was confidential. I offered him to work on the text I wrote and he didn’t have the time and he didn’t need any help at all.

I contacted Fiverr and they said I should work it with the buyer.
He contacted Fiverr support and asked for a refund.

I worked very hard, seems unfair to say the least.
By the way, according to Turnitin similarity doesn’t mean plagiarism, if properly referenced a text can (and should) be similar to other texts.

any ideas?


One of 2 choices:

  1. Grant the refund and take a hit on your Delivery rate (and lose your sale).

  2. Refuse the refund and likely get a negative review.

Which ever you prefer really. It’s unlikely Fiverr will directly grant him a refund as you’ve done the work as advertised. If you hadn’t delivered what was ordered then they’d have grounds to intervene.

If you genuinely didn’t plagiarise the content then you don’t owe this person anything further than the work you’ve done. You put the effort in, they didn’t like it, you offered edits, they refused the edits…there isn’t much more you can do. So it’s simply a case of choosing one of the above 2 options, neither of which are fair really but sadly that is the way it goes on Fiverr sometimes.


I think refund him this is better way…

This is true, although Fiverr might give the buyer a refund anyway if he actually presents them with evidence. Support will go to bat for sellers if there is no room for any other conclusion, but they usually do side with a buyer if there is even a chance the buyer is right. I’m not going to get involved in this being fair or unfair since I woudn’t have the details to do so.


Indeed, hence the italicised unlikely part.

From what the seller stated here, with the buyer not letting her see the evidence, the report, it smells a bit fishy to me.

Turnitin shouldn’t be used as the be all and end all to dictate whether this content was plagiarised so one would like to think Fiverr would look at the case objectively as opposed to a gunshot refund to the buyer.

One can but hope :wink:

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  1. Refund .

  2. Never work with him again .

  3. Drink a beer .


:rofl::rofl: :beer::beers:


I’m confused, how can plagiarism be an issue with commercial research? And to whom did he have to deliver his thesis?

Maybe it’s a question of expectations, perhaps your client didn’t expect to rewrite anything. You should still get paid for the work, but right now you only have 4 reviews so getting a negative review at this point would hurt you. I believe the first negative review should come after 10 or 20 orders, maybe 50 orders if you’re lucky. Then it won’t have too much weight over your gig’s overall rating.

P.S. The only advice I can give you is separate your paragraphs in your gig description. Wall to wall copy is hard to read.

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Thesis? If you did someone’s school work (and you might have, I think that Turnitin is used by schools to check for plagiarism, that is, whether their students are cheating), that’s against the rules.


Fiverr gave him a refund, not only the last order was refunded (which he never marked as completed) but the second order was refunded too (which he marked as completed and even commented 5 stars)

How about:

  1. Keep the money
  2. Never work with him again
  3. (Use the money and) drink a beer?
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Sorry this had to happen to you. But, why would Fiverr go as far as to refund the second (completed and reviewed) order too? That’s totally unfair. This platform is becoming ridiculous.

Turnitin matches text similarity and does not grade papers for the instructors. It is up to the instructor and/or student to determine whether the assignment exhibits plagiarism.

Even if a paragraph/sentence (that has been copied as is from the original source) has been properly referenced, it doesn’t exclude it from being detected as plagiarism by Turnitin… This leads to instances where the plagiarism % given by Turnitin is much higher than it actually is. One would have to exclude the appropriately referenced content from the plagiarism report and then, recalculate the % to get the actual plagiarism %.

I think it is in your best interest to try and reason with the buyer based on the above-mentioned points… If the buyer still doesn’t budge, then I am afraid you’d have to go with one of the several options that the others have already mentioned.

I tried to talk to him, but he did not want anything but a refund. Fiveer customer services just canceled 2 orders (one of them was already marked as completed with 5 star review). Seams I can not do anything at all.

If they’re at the level of writing a thesis, then they should know how TurnItIn works. I’ve written many papers in college and properly cited them. TurnItIn HAS to show similarity because they’re freaking direct quotes! I’m sorry you had to go through this, but if it means anything we’re on your side! Sadly, that won’t help you much… except emotionally.

Yeah… a beer sounds good right about now.


Return money because you can get order again but if he report then you may face many problems…

Man, if only we can keep the money… Fiverr don’t want the buyers to win over sellers

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