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A buyer asked for mockups, but didn't place the order


A buyer asked for a mockup. But after sending it, he asked some changes of the design without placing an order. After I requested him to place the order before doing revisions, he said he would order after seeing the design correctly.
So I designed as he requested and sent a low-quality image of the work. Then he was happy about the design and said it was okay.

But he didn’t place the order. what type of buyer is he?

Buyers Asking For Samples, Then Disappear 🙄

Oftentimes buyers come and try to cheat the sellers, not all buyers of course!
They want the work probably for free of cost that’s why they play these types of games. You can block the buyer so they cannot buy from and cannot contact you. If you want you can contact Customer Support and they can review the buyer account and can take necessary actions.

It is not a good thing to showcase or create any work before starting the orders. They want to see the quality of the work?? Send them to your gigs and ratings section.

If you still want to create something for a customer, add lots of watermark over the design so they cannot steal any content from you… and like in this case if a buyer is still not purchasing the design, you will know they are not a real buyer.


This is not a buyer. A buyer is one who places an order.

Why do work without getting paid? They are supposed to place an order before you do the work.

After you do the job why would they place an order? They have the work already.


Thanks a lot for the message given. I am new to fiverr (started on november), so I had no experience with that type of buyers.


Stop calling this guy a buyer. lol Did he buy? No.

Only call someone a buyer if they place an order.


i think you have to ask him/her clearly if this is okay than place an order. Don’t ever work for free. if you give your service before order this will happen.:rage:


No! Don’t do anything then ask if it is ok. This is giving him free work without him first placing an order.

First do NOTHING until he places an order.

If he tells you what he wants or sends a drawing tell him to first place an order.


For future reference: do nothing until the buyer places the order. No mockups, no changes, nothing. If the person contacting you complains, politely tell them that Fiverr strongly advises all sellers never to start working until the order is placed.


Ohh. One buyer ordered a design from me and the order was successfully completed but then she came back that she need a mockup for a design. I said okay, it will cost you $10 for a mockup. and she gave me the weirdest reply:

Well, the image is complete already and paid so can you do the mockup for $7?

I am like what? :roll_eyes::dizzy_face: Why does it matter that the old design order was completed or not? The Mockup was not included in the previous design so it will cost you different. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Everyone tries to get the work for free of cost apparently. :smirk:


LOL. agree… he is not a buyer . :slight_smile:
But he pretented. :disappointed:


Well next time you will know to tell them to place an order first before you do the job. We were all new at one time.


yeah. sure. :innocent:


Though I am new here, I’ve completed an order
That buyer was very communicative and didn’t ask any reduction for the budget and was very communicative. Though I am a new seller without any ratings , He placed the order after sending all the requirements.
He appreciated the work one by one and he had put a review after completing the order in the same day of the delivery.

As I had such a pleasant experience with my first buyer, I didn’t get any doubt on the person who was asking me for a design to complete.
But now, I know there are not only buyers who are asking for work, but also so-called buyers are walking in the Fiverr.


I said him, but he didn’t reply


A new lesson: You don’t need to tell us your personal earnings on a public Forum. :grinning: There are many evil eyes everywhere.

There are also some users who try to hack your account by sending you fake files like an .exe softwares and fake lookalike fiverr websites. Keep in mind for those type of person.

and if you want here is the latest one:


Morally? A thief, scam artist, a cheat? Take your pick.

Pragmatically and purely objectively? Crafty, savvy, even smart one. He outwitted you through manipulation and got some work for himself for free. Used those $$$ to buy himself a pizza instead.

It’s your duty to protect your own interest. just as he/she finds it is his/her duty to further his/hers (amorally, though, but they don’t seem to care, eh?).


Lot of things to learn here.

Thank you all for sharing experiences and advice.


You can edit and remove the only wordings of the earning lines. Just click on the Undo button and then again click on the pencil icon to edit the comment.
My reply will look weird if you delete your comment. :rofl:


Well, then today your learned your lesson :wink: you start working on any order only after a person really place an order and paid for for it.

As @misscrystal said they are not buyers until they really bought something.

I would suggest to go through fiverr help page and their terms and conditions. They cover a lot things like this and how sellers advised to work to help you avoid this kind of situations in future.


I think this type buyer actually seller just cheat another seller,