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A buyer asked, how do I rate my order


According to my experience so far on the forum, you are not allowed to inform a buyer to rate you. How can I reply him


Hi,just told them there’s a help video on the fiverr main page.that guide you how to place a order and rate them.


Okay, thanks for responding to my question


You can give them a direct link this far:

I wouldn’t risk anything more than that, personally, but giving them that info is useful. Otherwise it’s not worth one review to risk the appearance of manipulating anything. Leaving feedback is pretty straightforward so if the buyer can’t figure it out they probably don’t have a very strong desire to do so.


Thanks, that’s much better


I think it is OK to ask them to rate & write a review as they see fit. Without asking them to rate 5 stars or whatever.
As long as you don’t ask for specific rating or specific review, I think you should be fine.

Everyone, correct me if I’m wrong.


wasn’t this the reason you got a ToS warning?


No, detective…


The written policies aren’t super clear on this, but people have definitely been warned just for using words like “review,” “feedback,” or “rate.” I don’t advise it anymore for that reason. Someone else recently wrote to a buyer to leave a review if they were happy. Support considered that manipulative and the seller was banned.


Thanks I really never knew a definitive answer for that…