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A buyer asking for Refund one Month after the Delivery


A buyer is asking for the Refund One month after the order completion. He has Given me 5 stars review as well. Please help me, what should i do now?


You just say to your buyer - No you’ll not get Refund - Because of i completed your job successfully and you had given rating on that job too!! If still your buyer claiming - you can CONTACT FIVERR CS and inform about the buyer behavior with all job details!

hope this will help :slight_smile:


I am worried if he edit the review or ask the CS to change the feedback.


He can not change review or feedback. :slight_smile:

What CS does is whole difference ballpark. :broken_heart::heart:


Engage him in a discussion of why he feels he should get a refund.

Politely and calmly tell him you did the job as promised and ask if there is something wrong.

See if there is some small change or correction he needs to your work.

Work with this buyer until he goes away happy.

No need to panic nor any need to give a refund. Just be very professional and helpful.


Contact CS to get rid of such buyers and cancel the order.


Buyer can’t change review - 1st.!! - Take a screenshot of his current rating - So you’ll have proof - If he do change rating - you can Contact CS and tell them. you’re right!!

2nd - Buyer wanted his refund after 1 month - Which is totally wrong!!

If you deliver his work as per job requirement and Buyer given rating at completion time. “THEN YOU CAN PROUDLY STAND WITH YOUR VOICE!!”

You don’t have to beg!!


Thank you Guys for such informatic and Positive responses. Really Appreciated!


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@offlinehelpers Thank You so much! I wish i had not met that guy today :relieved:


It can only get better! :wink: