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A buyer asks for samples of your work, then gives you an assignment to acomplish then disappears after you submitted

Most buyers in buyer requests some times can be so nice… and sometimes insensitive even with thier low budget and short duration.

Should I begin to ignore requests for smaples?

As a seller, i do respect my buyers indeed. That doesn’t mean you gotta be their playground!

Select your buyers.

As a writer i would/will never give away samples based on the buyer’s requirements. If someone wants a sample, i simply drop something i’ve already used.

If they’re not happy with it, that’s it ->> move to the next buyer.


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Based of your title…

Are you stating a buyer asked for a sample, proceeded to place an order, then disappeared afterwards?

If that’s the case you should keep in mind that a buyer does not need to communicate with you any further once an order is delivered. Ratings and reviews are not at all mandatory.

If you are stating they asked for a sample then disappeared after you sent one, then my guess is they decided you weren’t the right fit for their project after giving it a look.


Don’t give samples for free. As @quiterude0 said, send samples of your previous work. Your knowledge, experience, and effort is valuable and you shouldn’t give it away for free.


The best practice is to have a PDF file to showcase samples. In other niches audio samples. Spending time completing BR sample requests, takes away from actual PAYING Clients.

Time :watch: is a terrible thing to waste!

There’s no guarantee that the Window Shopper would select you. :pineapple:


Create a portfolio on one of the Fiverr-approved sites with examples of your work and share that.

Giving a specific sample of something a potential buyer asks for is called doing free work. Don’t do that.


To be honest if you’re a new seller, you cannot ignore any buyer, if it has a low budget, something is better than nothing. And if a buyer insists for a sample, you should humbly show him/her about your skill set and experience that you have had in the industry, show them your feedback. I am sure, buyer will be happy with that.

If a buyer has below par budget for a project, you can also tell him the difference you put in your project with preference on quality.

In short, use tactics to make buyers happy in any case, but never ignore anything!

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That’s not very good advice. Certain buyers are a nightmare that should be avoided at all costs. It’s better to have no buyers than terrible buyers.


At this point, the BR needs a set of rules alongside it to discourage free work. And a report button too.


I don’t give away samples. If it’s for a book then I direct them to one of my own books on a popular publishing platform. If it’s for an article, I ask them to please read my gig as I wrote the copy on that. If it’s for a short story I remind them that once I deliver the order it is owned 100% by the buyer and I can no longer assume ownership and cannot share that short story with anyone.


Very Good.

So does that mean samples sent on chat are not water marked by fiver??

A commissioned work isn’t a sample. A sample is a pre existing work.

This is either a terrible client or a scam. Never do this.


Thank you… Now i know better.

Of course you should :wink:

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Yes, you’re right. I am talking about new sellers, when someone doesn’t have much experience with no sale of services on Fiverr, they have to take some risks.

I have been working on Fiverr for the last 5 years, and I worked with more than 1000 buyers.

In may cases, you think that the buyer is not a good fit for your services, but believe me, i have seen may buyers, once you work with them, they will start paying more than you deserve just after one good experience with you.

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