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A buyer asks source file without paying for it


Someone asked me to do 40+ designs and suggested $6 per image. As a package, I agreed to design them $6 per image as he said he want the png images.
But later he asked to send an offer for only an image to see my work and after he placed the order, I designed it and he was happy with the design.
But now he is asking for source files. What can I do for that? Can he put a negative feedback on my gig?
Giving source file, he will design other 39 images by himself. But for $5, I cannot send the source file free. It is a property of me.


If the source file was not part of the custom offer, don’t send it (for free).
The pattern of the request is consistent with the behavior of a manipulative buyer.


Is there a $ amount for sending the source file you’d be okay with (like 40+ x 60 - (some $$ as you won’t need to design the 40+ images yourself then)? If yes, try offering that?

If they indeed are trying to manipulate you (I agree it sounds like it from what we know) and say they won’t pay and still want the source file and actually threaten you with a bad review or such, you could report that to customer support.

If they just say “no, sorry, too much, bye”, you might still be lucky and they won’t leave a bad review (people who are manipulative might not necessarily want to risk support looking at their account/conversations) but it’s possible they leave one, of course, and as long as the review would not directly violate Fiverr’s ToS, you’d be stuck with that review.
Luckily, at least you can respond below that review and explain things from your point of view but that still would leave you with the lowered * rating.

Hope it works out well for you!


I agree with Miiila to send him an offer for the source file instead of giving it free to him.

Hopefully you are at a point in your career on fiverr where you do not live in fear of a bad review.


Thank you very much dear, and I asked him extra budget for the source file. But he didn’t reply me yet.
I can wait and see the results.


Don’t give free source files to avoid a negative rating. Never let a client blackmail you.