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A buyer blackmailed me to get free work and i refused , but Fiverr said they cant remove his 1 star review

I have a gig that give you domain name suggestions , a buyer bought my gig that offers 12 seo domain names containing the word ANIME . i delivered him 15 normal domain names and 15 Premium ones .
he asked for a revision telling me he can afford premium ones , i told him no problem and i provided him with another ones . he asked again for revision telling me that he doesnt want them anymore as he doesnt like those names. and he asked for cancellation . i told him why are you cancelling the order , i already delivered more than 60 name, he told me that he doesnt like them and either i give him the money back or i will get a 1 star review , i asked him that i can provide you with more names if he wants . he just told me that he got what he want and want a refund . i told him no my gig is to suggest you seo domain names only , you dont have to like them . he didnt reply to me . the next day he accepted the order and gave me 1 star and wrote , that i didnt communicate with him and delivered used domain names.
i contacted the resolution center and told them what happened they said that i didn’t deliver what he asked for ad we cannot do anything about it .
under fiverr policies if the buyer gave a false statement or abused the seller the review should be deleted , both happened to me and fiver doesn’t want to delete the review .
my rating fell from 5 stars to 4.7 because i didnt comply with scam and i thought fiverr will protect my rights . all this for a minor 10$ order , if i knew this before i would have given him free work instead of this .

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I am unaware of this policy. And it isn’t Fiverr’s job to remove reviews that a seller doesn’t like. You are going to get bad reviews, no matter how hard you might try to avoid them. That’s part of being in business as a freelancer. You won’t be able to please everyone.

And, as much as I hate to say this, you let him take advantage of you by continuing to give him more work that he did not pay for. You should have said “no”, and left it at that. Delivering more than 60 names – for $10 – is ridiculous. Stand up for yourself, and your work… and say “no”.

Again… find your spine, and learn to say “no”. Don’t let bad buyers take advantage of you. Only deliver what they order. If you receive a bad review, accept it, and move on to the next order. You’re not going to be able to please everyone.


And to add to what @jonbaas said, which I absolutely agree, you should write your reply under your 1 star review explaining that buyer tried to get work for free and when he realised that he can’t be blackmailed you with a bad review.


I think it does say in the TOS that a review will be removed if it’s a lie.



Well, I don’t think Fiverr staffs enforces that part of their TOS


No, in my opinion, 1 star rating is better than canceling an order for 2 reasons, I think cancellations hurt your stats more, also you got the money you asked for because you spent time working.

You cannot please every single buyer, you will get bad ratings no matter what you do. Move on, let go.

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Hello , thank you so much for your reply . you are absolutely right , i will move on and keep working hard . i know its my fault that i let him get all this work for just 10$ , i was concerned so much with my rating . will not happen again .

this is the link , they say :
Customer Support only removes feedback, which violates our Terms of Service (TOS).
Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.