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A buyer by mistake placed an order and now buyer is telling me to cancel the order. What should I do?

Such topic frequently arrive that buyer has placed order by mistake. How funny…
Actually I don’t believe that an order can be create by mistake.
1.Because it is not a one click process.
2. Also need money for place an order. People think multiple time for any spent.

Important question : How much order value ?
Absolutely $5. because I have checked your gig. Basic price is $5.
( Because such mistaken buyer never buy suppose $500 gig by mistake)

Anyway, You may request to the buyer for not cancel order. $5 is not a big amount.
You will help them anytime for small work for this $5.


I think this is a good advice. You can try it.

The buyer actually didn’t make mistake. Maybe he found someone who have rating and he/she is considering that you are a new seller.
You will have to cancel it and send message to him after that to tell him how good you are in what you do, try to convince him on what you can do even if to give him some bonuses after the delivery

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let them know that cancellation will affect your ranking, try to convince him not to cancel the order and you will help in future for that 5 dollars.

cancel order . I think this is best for you and your buyer . Try the next buyer . good luck .

@hk_wordpress I like your suggestions

Why is this best? What is the reasoning behind your statement?

If the seller cancels, his completion rate will be adversely affected which could then impact on his seller level, and where he appears in the search rankings - meaning he could get less orders in future.

The buyer didn’t order by mistake. That’s utter nonsense. The buyer would have changed their mind - there is a massive difference.


It’s truth . I you can try it bro .

Thank you very much.

Experienced this exact thing myself. I would contact support. I have experienced this 3 times already and twice customer support cancelled it without affecting me and once they just cancelled and it affected my completion rate( not cool). Whatever, Its better to try your luck. I have actually recently created a thread so we can reduce this kind of problem. Changing the way on receiving orders

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Agree with your opinion!

I think if you wait 7 days, you can cancel order without it affecting your stats. I am not sure about this so you should find out for sure. Thanks.

If your client is willing to wait 10+ days for Customer Support to cancel the ticket, go with that. CS will cancel an order on your behalf if the buyer has ordered in error.


What is the route to go…? contact customer support to cancel the order on mybehalf?

That would be the best option. Worked for me twice and one time failed. But its worth a shot.

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In my opinion it doesn’t hurt to wait and see if fiverr will cancel it. I’ve never had them refuse to cancel an order on my behalf when a client has ordered by mistake.

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but then you just wait until Fiverr takes action. Is that correct?

Yep. If you can hold off the buyer long enough and explain that the wait for their refund may be a week plus, it’s worth it to save yourself the cancellation.

Bro friendly you have to cancel this order.
If buyer go to support then you will get an warning.
So cancel this job.
And try to hard work to get another job.
Thank you

Why would you get a warning for that? You’re allowed to ask customer support for, you know, support.