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A buyer called "*******" is rejecting my below delivery, saying that he cant read my handwriting


a buyer called “*******” is rejecting my below delivery, saying that he cant read my handwriting

Here is a page of the delivered work.
Pls, indicate whether my work

is clear or not…

Thanks for your support.

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First do not mention the buyers name.

Can you type it and send it to him as a WORD file for example.


Whatever it is, you seem to be very smart from this evidence. Too smart for Fiverr.


I find a lot of it difficult to read. I can’t imagine delivering any gig in handwriting unless either the buyer asked for it and knew it was a risk or if the gig specifies it clearly. I’ve seen some people with gigs like “I will send you a handwritten letter” and that kind of thing, but otherwise I don’t think handwritten work is a great plan unless you charge enough to send a typed transcript with it.


It is not appropriate to send your delivery as handwritten unless you specify that in your gig description.

Whether or not it is legible, the issue is that it is not ok to send any message as handwritten unless that is part of the gig description.

Why not type out the message on your keyboard as this is the computer age where all messages are now using this method?


Dear M:

Here’s what I got. I couldn’t find some of the correct symbols in my text editor. Maybe LibreOffice Math is a good tool for this type of work. I don’t know. Maybe if I searched more, I’d find the right symbols.

(3) a) Appropriate domain is [1, 50] since “t” is defined as t >= 1

[0, 50] is not an appropriate domain because t = 0 is not defined

t = 0 stands for year 1965
and the percentage of the U.S. federal budget allocated to NASA 
is from 1996

b) p(40) =~ 0 - 6 => 1965 = 40 = 2005
	In 2005, 0.58% of the U.S. federal budget was allocated to NASA

The other issue is, I could not make out this part: “0 - 6” on the second to last line.

Bottom line: you cannot rely on your handwriting for detailed work like this.

I award the prize to the Buyer and suggest that you adjust your work flow to make your work crystal clear.

Good luck,


I guess You made me a favor Because he is complaining about the english NOT the MATHS.
The online OCR are intended to catch on characters NOT numbers :slight_smile:
Thanks for raising the issue.


What Is that, Portugese?
All jokes aside though I think you should write it on a wordpad or something because toward the end I can’t really read it.