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A buyer cancelled an order after delivering the gig [ARCHIVED]

So someone who bought one of my gigs cancelled the order after delivering it, how do I get the money? Please see attached image.

I think it because there is no proof, next time send him a screenshot

How did he cancel? Doesn’t show he rejected it, and it is obvious Fiverr admin didn’t respond :o how odd!

That would be a PayPal claim… unfortunately there is nothing you can do in this case. We all get them from time to time and they are a real pain :frowning:

You could try and connect with the great people over at Customer Support for the exact reason.

I recently had a buyer who liked my work, left me a positive review & wanted me to continue with the project (I’m a writer). The order was marked complete & a few days later, they decided to change direction & wanted a refund. I’ve had others who either did or didn’t enjoy what I created for them, but, they didn’t ask for their money back. This was new for me. I attempted to resolve the issue (as I do whenever the, occasional, obstacle arises), but, was unable. Since it had already gone through, then, I directed her to contact Fivver. I’ve done a few mutual cancellations, but, that was before I had finished anything. I figured only support could reverse the charges once the order was completed. They took care of it. May all our interactions & projects go smoothly & successfully.

I’m trying to get information on something similar. The buyer downloaded the completed work then requested mutual cancellation based on ridiculous reasons. I chose “keep the order.” I don’t know what happens next.

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Lost 150USD. It was 3 gigs with extras. When I delivered her task. She cancelled order changed her website passwords and what I got an email.

" We have been informed by PayPal that a dispute was opened for your order #FO82AD3BC4E1: wordpress website. As a result we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work.

Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that PayPal puts on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it.

If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will be offered to reorder your gig.


The Fiverr Team "

Also Mutual cancellation expired. Order was cancelled due to no response from the seller. within 1 hour. Confused ::S

Reply to @bachas85: Something similar happened to me yesterday when someone tried to cancel a gig because I didn’t delivered the source files for free :slight_smile: What’s happening with some people ? Why are they asking for something that they haven’t paid for ?

This happens a lot. There are people who are too cheap to pay 5 bucks for something. They order a gig, you deliver the work, they cancel and get a refund, and then use the work you delivered. I always refuse cancellations and just accept the negative review. As a seller, you deserve to be paid for the work you do.


If buyer cancel the order after delivery, and i click on agree, then what will be the effect on rating?


Reply to @seo_runner:

seo_runner said: If buyer cancel the order after delivery, and i click on agree, then what will be the effect on rating?

It will just add another count of cancellation on your records. Hope this helps. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I had cancellation just today, but before buyer was asking some really silly questions, like can I upload zip folder onto the server etc, which raised my flag, but then as the service was delivered money was returned to him/her, he/she gave me negative feedback, and now rating gone to 97%.

Maybe should be policy and proof to be sent out to fiverr that order was fullfilled and they should take money from buyer if they get the service but they cancel order.

Didn’t mean to highjack OP thread.

I just got a notice that a past customer is getting refunded for 2 gigs I did for them.

The gig ended on the Dec 19th

The funds cleared on Jan 3rd.

I withdrew them on Jan 5th.

The gigs were somehow canceled yesterday…

Fiverr is refunding the buyer $64 on the two gigs.

The gigs themselves have 5 star reviews and since they were illustrations it is clear that the buyer received the images because they were in my gig portfolio and are still there in the gig details themselves.

My account is now in the negative because this buyer is somehow able to cancel a gig completed nearly 2 months ago.

What are my options on getting that money back?

Upon looking into this further, it seems that the buyers account no longer shows up on Fiverr. So, they canceled the orders and closed their account… and Fiverr just let them steal money from me.

If the buyer to cancel the order and take the money positive feedback will also be removed?

Reply to @ozzieuk: Sorry for bumping a very old post, but I have a doubt: I have delivered an order, and waiting for the buyer to mark it as complete. Is it possible for him to take my deliveries and also reject the order?

encountered similar issue and lost $35
its sad and strange.

How do you demonstrate delivery?

I am observing a rash of people wanting stuff for free, but I am not seeing any books on the subject of how to get over on someone selling services for $5 dollars. How does that work?

This same situation has happened three times in the last three weeks. I deliver the order (press release) and the buyer immediately said the product was “poor quality” or “Poor Grammar” and demanded a refund. Neither characterization is true. (I’m an editor and proofreader in my day job.) As a seller, I must either accept a poor review, or increase my cancellation rate, neither one of which is beneficial to my overall rating. Seems as if there should be a way to allow sellers to check the ratings of buyers BEFORE accepting a project. I have noted some common threads in the type of buyer requests which I’m unable to state for fear of being called a “geophobe.”. I’ll be refusing future orders which have these earmarks.

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