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A buyer continuously asking for the service which i don't provide

Any one please guide me, i am very confused. A buyer is asking me for a service i don’t provide and offering me $100 for this. i have already rejected his request but he asking me again now with a different username and trying to manipulate me with $100. I don’t know why is he doing this? is he some kind of spammer or whatever?

Just continue to refuse requests and if this becomes a problem, contact CS. I had the same problem this year with someone who actually ordered a gig from me which I don’t provide. They then also refused to cancel and it turned into a 3-day long game of cancellation tennis.

In your case, if you are particularly worried or tired of this behaviour, you could report this user for using multiple identities.

As for why someone would do this, the world is mad. Try not to stress out over the reasons too much, you will never discover them and could very well give yourself a migrane.

I’ve had similar things happen and never worry about them. Just say “sorry, no” or say “I can’t help you, bye” to him. No more than that.