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A buyer deleted account then came back, should I trust them?

There is a buyer looking to place a very big order. They have deleted their account before. Now they have come again with a new name and negotiating the Gig again.

Gig will possibly be very large but I want to know if my funds will be secure.

If buyer deletes account again and this time I have delivered (Last time they deleted account before placing order) will my funds be secure or will I lose out?

Should I engage this buyer further or just let them go?

What would be the smarter thing to do here?

This is very risky.
The other account could have been deleted because they did a Chargeback on another seller.


As @eoinfinnegan already said, it may be risky, but you have to give a chance. Try to split the big order into more orders and deliver them one by one.

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If you really want to work with this buyer, is there a way you can split the work and payment into several smaller orders? That way, if something goes wrong the damage won’t be as severe and you can stop after the first order. Although not even that will protect you from Chargebacks.

I agree, it sounds very risky.