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A buyer did a false review even I did more than he wanted. What can I do to report such a thing on fiverr?


Hello, I think 2 days ago I received an order for writing a vegan niche article for the buyer, When I completed the order by doing research and writing a high quality article for that buyer. But what he did was not expected. He left a bad review by stating “Good experience” which really made my ratings go down without even doing anything wrong. I think there should be a rule for buyers who give bad reviews without real examples or proof. It is not fair to give bad reviews even if the buyer received the quality work within the set time. What can I do now?


Hello Jonathan D. Bennett American actor and model! Welcome.

Is “Good experience” a bad review? How many stars was that, 4? That’s not bad.


We really need to change this culture among sellers on Fiverr that anything less than a 5-star review is bad. It’s not. 4-stars is a great review. 3-stars can be reasonable and serves as an average review, although, you’ll probably want to try to avoid too many of these.

When I look at sellers, I actually consider staying away from 100% rated sellers. Sellers are not perfect. And that’s not a bad thing. When I see a 100% rated seller, I often wonder how many refunds they have offered just to stay at 100%. A great seller can still be a seller rated at 95%-99%.

If your goal is to focus on unwavering perfection, then you’re focusing too hard on the wrong thing. Focus on delivering quality work to your buyers. If you focus on quality, you’ll maintain a strong high-90s rating, AND you won’t have to refund so many orders just to keep up the appearance of perfection.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. 4-star reviews won’t kill you.


Rightly said !! Fantastic !


After having a look on your profile i see

  1. 4 Star review and another is with only 1 star (You deleted the gig that received that review but the review is still rocking on your profile)

I think the one you failed to deliver on time is the real reason for your rating its pretty obvious, Good review means Good review its not like that it will ruin your fiverr career,Since you are new to the site you can easily again maintain 98-99% easily, Do you know there are sellers on fiverr with 2-3 Negative reviews and they are 100% its all Math.