A buyer doesn't wanna pay on fiverr


One buy contacted me in a message box and he said;

He would like to ask a sample work, however he cannot pay using his paypal account through fiverr, so he’d like to pay directly via paypal…

He has his paypal account but he cannot use it on fiverr? Why?

Any situation that would happen, or any reason he’d get the profit by that?

I know receiving the payment out of fiverr is against the policy here.

Besides that, I’d like to know what’s the reason for that he’d prefer paying directly by using paypal anyhow.

Please solve this mystery…



Don’t do it. Whatever may be the reason. If you both get monitored, you will face the Fiverr’s fury and lose years of efforts.


Reply to @kay2809:

Right, I won’t take this offer.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


The way you described it, it sounds like he’s trying to scam you and get work for free. Click on the Report link in the lower right corner of that message.


Whatever the excuse (real or not) regarding payment issues can be directed to Fiverr Customer Support, let them know that it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service to request or offer to pay outside of the system and you will no violate these Terms. All you can do from there is provide the support link to Fiverr CS where they can submit a Support Ticket to get any payment issues they claim to be having fixed. Sellers never handle funds directly, so you have no worry with dealing with payment issues on a Buyer’s account, Fiverr can work directly to get any of these issues solved for them (if they truly need it).

Typically, the reason why they want to pay you outside of the system is because there is no buffer, meaning they claim fraud on the payment (through PayPal) which will automatically pull the money back from your back account to theirs. Less risk for them because they wouldn’t be dealing with Fiverr (a watchman). You would have to deal with the case on PayPal. This is why Fiverr will ban people who do it because it’s so automatic. It’s an illegal practice and a complete scam - they are the ones who deal with Paypal and the ‘fraud case’ should it happen with any order placed here on Fiverr.

They work very hard to protect the community in these regards and take situations like this very seriously. If anyone is contacting you asking to pay you outside of Fiverr, report the message and should messages from them continue, submit a Support Ticket with screenshots of the users’ messages. Their Trust & Safety team will handle it for you.