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A Buyer From Europe

Kind of weird, seeing the posts about countries/flags now showing below reviews (they don’t for me, by the way) maybe some new beta tests? I’m 99% sure that the last time I was in conversation with this client a couple days ago, it showed the country, as usual (still shows countries when I click other conversations). :thinking:



I like seeing the country there but so far haven’t seen it under the reviews of anyone. Not sure that is needed. It’s so strange when we all see different things on this site.


I’ve seen “Europe” before (long ago). I always thought it was for cases when the site can’t (for whatever reason) track your precise location at the moment.


I’ve never seen “Europe”.

(On an off topic I get clients or messages from people who are not from the country listed. They often simply tell me when I ask, based on their local time, that they are indeed not from United States as their profile shows, but from some other country.)


I’d prefer country/flag too, it can be helpful. Some time ago, I had a client and quite a lot of back and forth about an order (= time spent), client was convinced I was just the one for his job and then, when we’d agreed on everything and I sent the offer … he had assumed we were speaking of no idea which kind of dollars but not US dollars. (I try to remember putting US$ always now when talking to prospective buyers.)

Ah, perhaps. I always thought they’ll use whatever they have on file then, I never saw anything other than countries before. I wonder how exactly location is determined, what about people living close to borders.


I don’t see how this site can tell what the local time is but get the country wrong. I know people use VPN but still the site gets their local time accurate, which is usually different from the time it would be if they were actually in the country listed.

It would have to be reading the local time from their browser?

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Maybe from the device’s internal clock, the VPN they are using might only spoof the country but not the time.


I would love country/flag to go away. You can be discriminated against based on your country of origin (some have it worse than others, of course) and that’s not a fun thing to experience.

I do understand it’s not going to happen, though.


This seems a very odd update. How does a nations flag reinforce confidence in a buyer or seller when choosing a service?
I would be interested to see what flag shows up from users from the North or South Pole or the Vatican. :laughing:


That’s true but I don’t think it will go away, no, there are too many practical reasons for buyers to want to know the seller’s country, and also, international platforms which pride themselves on being non-discriminatory environments and bringing together people from all over the world, see the colourful flags as a proof of that, visible sign that anyone can and does work, sell, or buy here.

(in reply to Lena’s post)

Most probably it’s a bug or Lena’s guess about not being able to currently track the location of the user, not an update. I just found it fun (and there was such a nice title in it :wink: ) Which is why I put it in conversations and not Site or wherever people put their buyer reviews now showing flags posts. :slight_smile:

Did anyone ever have a buyer from the Vatican? I wonder if it would even show on our world domination map, seeing it’s so small that you might need a special super hyper precision gaming mouse or so to hover it. :wink:


I actually contacted CS years ago to ask if I could put “unknown” in there for a time being just because I didn’t want to attract people to engage in geopolitical discussions with me. They said: “sorry, no, we’re not even looking at making that a possibility” and I’ve just accepted that.

But, around a year ago there was a brief update that had huge flags plastered across gigs in search results and in a month they’ve been there I got 3 “hello there, fellow countrywoman” messages from people who just wanted to chat (as opposed to, you know, buy stuff). It definitely didn’t have the desired effect, not from what I can tell.

PS I had a buyer from Andorra, in summer. I’ve been to Andorra and it’s, like, 1000 people there in summer. I consider it an achievement. :slight_smile:



It seems they leave what is added to the site to the programmers, without input from someone understanding about consumer behavior.

Anything added to the sales pages of our gigs needs to only have one goal in mind, one objective: will it improve sales or bring more sales. Anything else will distract from that goal. This new addition is extraneous. Why, for what reason, other than hey let’s do this what a great idea!
It’s totally irrelevant to the information a potential buyer needs to make a buy decision.

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A good classic sales saying, something Fiverr is very guilty of.

A bad sales person spends 70% of his time selling a product, and 30% of their time selling themselves out of it.

What possible reason would people need to see what country people are from who leave reviews. It’s like they want to see how much extra stuff they can throw in there to distract potential buyers from the supposed reason they are on the page in the first place.

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Well, I can imagine someone having had this train of thought:
Buyer from country X looks at seller’s gig,
sees other happy buyers from country X,
thinks the seller might be a good fit.
Maybe they’d think if a seller can communicate well with people from X (language, culture barriers, etc.), they won’t have communication issues.
Another reason might be that people might become more wary, perhaps look closer at other things (“vets the seller”, as buyers here so often get told) if they see all and any reviews of some seller are just from buyers from the same country (unless the gig is so specific that it offers something only buyers from a specific country would be).


I do not see the flags on my reviews. Plus, I remember when Fiverr put flags on the gigs on the search pages a few of my PM friends said they saw a corresponding drop in sales. :confused:


I can’t remember flags on the gigs, maybe I didn’t get that update/beta. I’d think country/flag on the profile should suffice. If people click on a gig/profile after being already interested enough to click, chances are they’ll be less likely to not choose a seller based on country.
On the other hand, in the long run, the solution to discrimination can’t be that people need to or feel they need to hide their country but that we as a whole need to become less discriminatory. Tall order, I know.


Most buyers don’t think about the countries. Now we are forcing them to take that into consideration when before it wasn’t on their radar. Yet another reason to be wary or have some concerns.


I noticed that seller flags were back last week.

I quite like it TBH.