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A buyer gave me a negative review I don't deserve

I gave my buyer a SEO friendly article of 500 words with good quality and many keywords yet he gave me a negative review. I figured I cannot remove the review so I deleted the account. I just had 3 orders , both were 5 stars.

So, rather than accept the challenges of business, rather than learn from them, and benefit from the two 5-star reviews you already had (which are now gone forever), you deleted your gig to start over? Fiverr might not like that if you keep doing this. You need to learn to take the good, with the not-so-good. Great buyers rarely have perfect reviews.


No a good step to delete and start over again.

How do you know that by starting new account you will again not get negative reviews.

Also doing this your can be banned by Fiverr as its against TOS.

Provide the service on which your are confident that there was less chances that people will not give you negative review sometime its inevitable still but chances are high that your first 10-20 orders go very good so even if a negative review comes your way it will not affect that much

Harsh truth :blush::blush::blush:

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If you’re talking about the account created in May, it’s still here, and without any reviews.

If you’re talking about an account you had at an earlier date, did you get the permission from CS to open a new one? If not, you could get banned.

And do you plan to delete your account whenever you get a negative review?

And why even mentioning all of this, when you complained about being here for a week and not getting any orders just 4 days ago?

Oh, and do you do anything here other than creating new topics every day to complain about this or that?


Just keep at it and you will win friend. Next time when you get a negative review ride it out.

Maybe he took that course that teaches students to post a lot on the forum. :man_student:

The one who invented that class must see some Top Rated Seller who posts here constantly and thought that was why she was a TRS.

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The first sentence is good but if you are referring to ask the buyer why he gave the negative rating or anything it will be against the Fiverr TOS don’t asked or say anything about the review and yes try your best next time to provide your service 100% and yes still some buyer don’t give 5 star review and its fact and personal experience,
I hope it will help,
Thanks and Welcome/ Adeel

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