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A buyer, Gens vs Ladies


First thing first? How many of you would agree that a ladies buyers are more generous than the genes buyer?

How many of you agree that a gene buyers are mostly tricky people?

Next? Do you know 99% of the female buyers choose premium package if they see a beautiful and great design with low or no orders in the queue? Recent research was done from my account by one of my friend from U.K… (Facebook female friend, We both share the password and user iD since 3 months ago, {friendship started on fiverr} but we never cheated each other} since I am not a native English speaker to convinced them about all these research, She did it, and I incorporated her.

My Experience:-
Counting from 04 December, the day I launched my gig, I got a premium orders for $70 including source files only from female buyers and still got a 5star review, but I got 2 negative reviews from the male buyer that was only for $5.

My conclusion:-
Are the female buyers more generous than the male buyers, What do you think, are the male buyers always cheap like the ones that we saw traditionally.

I am talking about the Music artists and Podcasters, I don’t know anything about other related tasks.


Oh… I envision a short life in your Gigs if you state that so openly!! :innocent:
My best buyers are both, male and females. Most don’t even know if I’m a guy or a girl.
That doesn’t matter at all.
You’re not on Facebook trying to get a date or hit on a girl/guy.
You’re here to work, and your work will be evaluated for both males and females, independently of what you are.
You want to generalize, that’s your prerogative, but buyers are there lurking… males and females :wink:


How is it possible? I thought fiverr doesn’t allow one account to be opened in two different location.


I’m fully support to your conclusion. I also follow this a real fact.


Is there any purpose on this “voting” about male vs female buyer? I hope you wont start rejecting male buyer and only accept job from the female one


Hi i am new here … have not experience who is good who is bad


Welcome! Please don’t read and believe threads like this one for a start!

There are ‘good and bad’ everywhere, and starting a post about it from a gender point of view is nothing short of divisive.

I flagged the original post, in a similar way as if it had been ‘buyers from such and such a country are bad.’

Please remember posters, all buyers can read the forum - don’t put your buyers off by posting daft stuff.


I agree that this type of post is not helpful. Let’s not compare men with women and discuss who is best. I would hope by now everyone would be more aware of what is appropriate behavior in a business environment regarding gender equality.


Male buyers and bots and animal buyers and everyone who wants to buy, you’re heartily welcome to my profile as well. :grin:


The OP is gone now.