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A Buyer harassments

Dear all … please help me … A buyer is harrassing me, what should i do… he told me to do some unethical work… i denied … but now he is threating me that if i do not do his website he will report me to fiverr… what should i do ?

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Just report them first and block them. That’s all you need to do, don’t be intimidated by threats.


Two important questions…

  1. Has an order been placed? If not, take @leannelrivers advice.

  2. Is the work unethical according to Fiverr’s terms of service (TOS), or unethical according to your own standards?

If it’s unethical because it breaches Fiverr’s TOS, then Fiverr will cancel the order and hopefully give the buyer a warning. Good luck to him trying to report you for playing by the rules (unlike him)!

On the other hand if it’s unethical according to your own moral code (but allowed by Fiverr), then you really should include a disclaimer in your gig explaining the types of service that you will not work on.

Either way, what a nasty buyer for threatening you. All that will happen is that the order will be cancelled. That’s it.


I have already blocked his user id… and just i have report to the help desk with screen shot… Thank you maam… recently my others buyer’s order is active i can not work properly can not concentrate even any other issues just for this matter …

sir, He did not place me any order , he talk with me in inbox ,and took my some personal information by influencing me… In this field i am too new to understand … please help

Contact customer support: .

If the buyer is threatening you I would select ‘Report terms of service’.