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A buyer harrassment!

I’m shocked by my buyer’s behavior. I delivered on time much more then he expected. (I have all proofs and proofs of out day and night conversations) At the end he proposed me to work with him on another project that is not my industry, which I politely refused and he turned out to be completely disrespectful saying that I’m poor (what he doesn’t even know) cause I don’t know how to keep buyer (I have proofs where he is amazed by my knowledge and work). That he is wealthy for reason and that he has wealthy mind. P.S. he hired me because he needed help in his dating/love life and didn’t understand why he couldn’t find a woman.
Is there any seller protection? We don’t have to endure this!!

If he’s actually harassing you, report and block him. (Was the delivery marked complete? If not, you might have to wait until after everything is cleared, unless he starts approaching ‘abusive’ in which case you’ll have the TOS firmly behind you.)