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A buyer has submitted a revision and when I am asking what does he wants in revision, he is saying nothing

Hi Friends,
I created Amazon PPC Campaigns and managed the campaigns for a week for a buyer. Now the buyer has submitted a revision and when I asked what does he want in the revision he said he did not want anything. he just said “Let’s do one more week”, I thought he was asking for a new order. I said okay, and asked again politely what do you want in revision, he said I told you.
When I said I do not understand he said he will come back to me later on this. It has been 4 days and my order is in revision and showing four days late and he did not come back. Please suggest me what can I do, I have contacted the CS but got an Auto Reply that it will take up to 10 days for a Human Reply.
Please suggest what should I do now?

Hi @iamanoop,
I hope you are fine. Don’t worry, the delivery time doesn’t count in revisions so you don’t need to be panic. Just ask you buyer politely to provide revision details. If this not works then use resolution center in your order.


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This is considered abuse of the revision button. So long as you have delivered the order as per the gig description, the buyer extending the order by use of the revision button is not allowed.

Be patient with CS - they’re overworked right now but will get back to you eventually.


This is has happened to me before. This guy used the revision button “to show the work to his team and get back to me” - which like @coerdelion said isn’t allowed - and after 3 weeks of no reply, I redelivered again and, because he never came back, the order was automatically completed.

Weeks later, he apologized, saying it was because of the pandemic, and everything was ok.

My advice is: I wouldn’t bother CS with this unless he really doesn’t say anything in one week, like he said he would.

If he disappears like my guy, do the same I did. And then, if he causes any trouble because of that, then tell CS that he abused the revision button.


I am also waiting for the response of the CS patiently. Thank you @coerdelion for your response.

Thank you for your suggestion and I have already written to the CS, Let’s see what happens.