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A buyer I asked not to contact me just placed an order

I just got an order from a buyer that I asked not to contact me and told I did not want to do business with.

This client constantly requested work within hours and if I couldn’t do the project asked me “Why not?” In addition, I was asked for discounts and breaks, and if I refused then I would be asked to explain why I was not willing to do so. She would then say she is a seller too and understands how difficult clients can be, right before telling me I need to give her free turnaround service or just do her project for $5 because “It’s not much more than your 200 word limit.”

Of course, this person is also a seller, so they have to know that if I cancel then I’m the one that gets screwed. I have already had once cancellation this week because a new buyer placed duplicate orders, and believe me my orders dropped to nothing after that.

CS was no help in that matter, same as in any matter that involves a cancellation in which the seller did nothing wrong but still has to take the demerit. I’m not optimistic that they will do anything but side with the buyer in this case.

Am I wrong? I know I’m not to only person to deal with this. What did you do?


I would probably tell the buyer what you offer for $5 and then do the $5 worth of work. If that means cutting off a recording before it’s finished or sending half a logo or whatever, so be it. Please don’t let people harass or abuse you. No level is worth your self-respect or sanity.


This is a customer service situation and I do not mean fiverr customer service.

You need to learn how to handle a difficult client like this if you are not going to take the hit a cancellation would give you.

When she makes demands and asks “why not” learn to be firm but polite with her.

Tell her your prices and time schedules are firm and can’t be changed.


Q: “Will you give me a discount?”

A: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. It would be unfair and unprofessional to all of my buyers who have paid the full price.”

Q: “Will you do it in 2 hours even if I don’t pay for extra fast delivery?”

A1: “I’m afraid that I can’t do that. You order is the nth in my queue, and I can only start working on it after I’ve delivered the orders that were placed before yours.”

A2: “I’m sorry, but that would be unfair and unprofessional to all of my buyers who have paid for extra fast delivery.”

A3: “I’m sorry, but I don’t offer delivery within 2 hours. I will certainly deliver before the deadline specified on the order page.”

It might take more repeating if she’s already used to getting whatever she wants from you.


That’s particularly horrible for someone to go ahead and place an order after being told not to contact you. That takes it all the way to harassment. She is literally forcing you to do work for her against your will. :smiling_imp:


Fellow Fiverr sellers are the absolute worst.

As for your problem overall, you need to factor what is most important to you, your self respect or your Fiverr level. A week ago my delivered on time ratio was at 95%. It was dropped to 89% because of a buyer placing 8 consecutive orders in error. This morning I’ve woken up to a new order for a Facebook banner design. - Why order a FB banner from me when I don’t offer anything like this? Who the hell knows.

Anyway, don’t mess about diminishing your own self worth, Cancel and be done with it. Then when orders plumet due to Fiverr deciding to punish you, just use that time to explore different ways of doing business.

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It’s possible to lose both at the same time.

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I really fail to see how?

agree :slight_smile: :+1:

I think, If he does that, He will be the one screwed.